Statistics of tourism and foreign tourists in 2019 on Hainan, China and prospects for 2020

Workshop on Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and TV took place in Haikou on Hainan, China sports of Hainan, China for 2020. The meeting summarized the tourism, cultural, radio, television and sports activities of Hainan, China in 2019, and identified the main objectives of 2020.


It is reported that in 2020 the system of tourism, culture, broadcasting, television and sports in the province will be encourage the construction of a free trade port in the Hainan free trade zone as the main line and the construction of an international tourism consumption center as a starting point. The economic development of tourism, culture and sports in the province demonstrates overall stability.


According to statistics, in 2019, Hainan Province, China received 83.14 million domestic and foreign tourists, an increase of 9% compared to the same period last year, of which 1.42 million inbound tourists, total tourism revenue reached 105 billion yuan, an increase of 11%. The value added increased by 10% year on year, the added value of the cultural industry increased by 2% year on year, and the added value of the sports industry increased by 20% year on year.


 To improve the quality and efficiency of the tourism and culture industry, the regional department of tourism and culture, based on optimizing the business environment, actively promoted investments in industry and construction projects. Eight companies, including China Exemption Group, China Tourism Group and Caesars Tourism Group, have registered their headquarters in Hainan, headquarters for cultural tourism or regional headquarters. The first Sino-Korean joint venture of Hainan Tourism Sanya Lead International Travel Agency has settled in Sanya. Projects such as the Hello Kitty theme park and the Baoting Discovery Discovery Park have made significant strides.


 Focusing on the construction of an international tourism consumption center, in 2019, the provincial department of tourism and culture will take the International Year of Tourism Consumption as a starting point and will continuously increase the level of tourism internationalization. From June to September 2019, measures were taken to promote and consume summer tourism, which effectively stimulated the consumption of summer tourism.


Since the beginning of the Hainan International Year of Tourism Consumption, more than 500 events have been held, such like festivals, exhibitions, sporting events and cultural events, which greatly increased tourism consumption and contributed to the integrated development of tourism and the culture and sports industry. Constantly implemented innovative tourism marketing has allowed to achieve double-digit growth in inbound tourism and more deepened the exchange of cultural and artistic activities.


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