Hainan actively develops and introduces high-tech enterprises to develop the Hainan Free Trade Zone

The Department of Science and Technology of Hainan Province reported that the creation of the first batch of high-tech enterprises in 2019 (called high-level enterprises) was completed, 160 enterprises received applications for registration, an annual growth of 75.8%, of which 114 companies passed the initial expert evaluation. According to reports, key high-tech industries can receive 15% tax breaks from the state and receive a one-time reward of 500,000 yuan from the Hainan Provincial Government.


Technological innovation is the first driving force of development. In the first half of this year, Hainan actively led the development of high-tech industries, carefully cultivated and introduced high-tech enterprises, created a more open mechanism for introducing talent, performed various key tasks and supported the Hainan Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics with the support of scientific and technological innovations.


Currently, there are 381 high-tech enterprises operating in Hainan: biopharmaceuticals, health care, the Internet, agriculture and other areas in accordance with the “Comprehensive Plan for a Pilot Free Trade Area of ​​China (Hainan)”, “Implementing an Implementation Plan for a Development Strategy Based on Innovations in Hainan Province "And" Accelerating the Hinan Open Innovation Development Plan. "


According to the relevant person in charge of the provincial department of science and technology, this year Hainan will continue to increase the cultivation of high-tech enterprises and will strive to add 150 high-performance enterprises, promote the development of high-tech industries with a high level of development and create favorable conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Seeking to add 150 large companies, Hainan will continue to increase investment in science and technology, the health care industry, the Internet industry and other areas and promote Hainan to form a new model of multi-level high-tech enterprises based on technology.


The Hainan Department of Science and Technology, the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Wenchang Municipal Government jointly signed an agreement to open a branch of the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wenchang.


The Hainan Department of Science and Technology will provide a subsidy to high-tech research and development funds of no more than 500,000 yuan per year, in accordance with the annual investment in actual investment during the incubation period, which will be used for enterprise technical research, new product development and developing standards.


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