Full border opening is not applicable in China at this time, said Chinese academic Zhong Nanshan

Yesterday, 80,000 students from Nankai University attended Academician Zhong Nanshan's online lecture titled "Scientific Guide to Fighting the Epidemic", during which the Chinese academician analyzed the current situation of the coronavirus in the world and in China.


Regarding the coronavirus in Shanghai, Academician Zhong said: "This time, Shanghai did have a relatively large-scale spread, but in general it was because the Omicron strain in this epidemic has a high transmission probability, mild symptoms, and is more likely than the Delta strain."


Academician Zhong Nanshan also used a set of scientific data to compare the differences between the epidemics in the US and China. He said: "The (infection) rate in China is only a few thousandths of the rate in the United States, which fully reflects our country's principle of "people first, life first."


Academician Zhong said that China will gradually open up to other countries, but a full opening of the borders is not applicable because the number of infections could increase significantly, first it is necessary to strengthen immunity through vaccination.

The data show that after two injections of the vaccine and boosting immunity with the mRNA vaccine, 97.3% of severe cases can be prevented.


This time, the new strain of the virus is very persistent, asymptomatic infections follow one another, the virus is very contagious, we must do now: wear masks, maintain hygiene, go out less and not gather together. Everyone should be primarily responsible for their own health.


The name of 84-year-old academician Zhong Nanshan is regularly mentioned in the Chinese news, experts refer to his opinion, he often records encouraging videos for doctors and ordinary citizens, and directly communicates with patients infected with the new coronavirus.


Today, Zhong Nanshan is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a well-known expert in respiratory diseases and a key figure in the fight against respiratory viruses in China. He is also the head of the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Diseases, the director of the Guangzhou State Leading Laboratory for Respiratory Diseases, and the president of the Chinese Medical Society.


For more than 50 years, Zhong Nanshan has been engaged in medical, pedagogical and scientific research in the field of respiratory medicine. His research is primarily focused on the standardized diagnosis and treatment of asthma, chronic lung disease, respiratory failure and other common respiratory diseases, as well as complex and rare diseases.