Hainan Province has launched a system to ensure the earthquake preparedness and mitigation

A videoconference was held at Hainan Provincial Earthquake Relief Headquarters and Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction Units to launch and advance earthquake prevention and mitigation and disaster relief efforts in the province to provide security guarantee for the economic and social development of Hainan and the construction of a free trade port.


The meeting summed up the province's work on earthquake prevention, mitigation and relief, provided information on the assessment of the work on prevention and mitigation of natural disasters carried out by municipal and district governments in 2019, analyzed the earthquake trend in Hainan this and next year , and also made the next step in the field of earthquake prevention, mitigation consequences and assistance. Provincial Education Department, Housing and Urban and Rural Development Department, Haikou City Government and Sanya City Government exchanged views.


At the meeting, it was emphasized that it is necessary to highlight key points and do serious work to prevent earthquakes, mitigate their consequences and eliminate the consequences of natural disasters. Clarification of responsibilities and close cooperation to form joint efforts for joint earthquake prevention, mitigation and disaster relief; improving systems and mechanisms for responding to emergencies with the purpose of improving the ability to respond to destructive earthquakes; strengthening infrastructure construction to improve monitoring, forecasting and early warning of earthquakes; actively integrate into the construction of a free trade port to effectively improve the capacity of public services for earthquake prevention and disaster risk reduction.


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