Schools for foreigners: procedure for establishing and licensing in Beijing was simplified

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce issued "Several Measures of the Beijing Municipality to Further Strengthen the Stabilization of Foreign Investment" and adopted 25 measures to further strengthen the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of foreign investment and vigorously promote foreign investment.
Thereafter, recently, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission made an interpretation of the "Administrative Measures for Schools for Children of Foreign Personnel in Beijing (Revised)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrative Measures").

        According to the revised "Administrative Measures", sponsors of schools for children of foreign personnel are now not limited to "foreign institutions legally registered in China, foreign-funded enterprises, institutions in China of international organizations, and foreigners who are legal residents", but also now include "Chinese national public organizations or individuals other than institutions.”

       The administrative measures clarify that an application to establish a school for foreign children must be submitted to the district administrative department of education where the new school is located.
In order to implement the reform requirements, Article 13 of the “Administrative Measures” clarifies that if a school for children of foreign personnel has no violations of laws and regulations during the permit period and has passed the annual review, the license can be automatically renewed.

       In order to strengthen the management of the quality of education in schools for children of foreign personnel, the chapter “Management of Learning” has been added to the “Administrative Measures”, which explains the principles of the school curriculum, teaching staff, hardware base, student guidance and guarantee mechanisms for children of foreign personnel