WeChat: new chat Image Search feature now available in WeChat for iOS

On February 17, 2022, WeChat users discovered a new "Chat Image Search" feature in the iOS version of WeChat, greatly improving the efficiency of chat image search.

But for now, the WeChat image search feature is still available on iOS devices, and Android phone users will have to wait.


Previously, the process of searching for images in WeChat chat recordings was cumbersome, in WeChat groups with a lot of chat images, you previously needed to carefully look through the chat recordings to find the images you want. But now, with the advent of the WeChat image search function, this problem can be solved with a touch of a finger.


The image search feature in WeChat chat requires the user to actively enable it. First update your Wechat to the latest version, then click WeChat settings - general - "photos, videos, files and calls" option to find the toggle for searching images in chat. It should be noted that the first time you use it, there will be a process of downloading and searching for images, after which you can quickly and accurately search for images.


When using the image search function in chat, in the "Pictures and Videos" option in the WeChat chat history category, there will be image category options at the bottom of the search box, such as QR codes, screenshots, people, and food. However, classification labels are not fixed and WeChat will load the appropriate labels according to different types of images.


The advantage of the WeChat chat image search feature is that we can directly enter the category information of the image we want or the keywords associated with the image. WeChat can also search for images with search terms in the image entry using keyword detection.


It is easy to see that the WeChat chat image search function mainly uses OCR image recognition and text recognition technology. On the one hand, through AI training, WeChat can identify various types of images, such as mobile phones, cars, plants, or food, etc. On the other hand, OCR text recognition can identify characters in an image and improve accuracy. double recognition image search functions.


The image search feature in WeChat is similar to the focus feature in Apple's iOS 15. Entering keywords in the search box can quickly find images related to keywords in mobile phone. The difference is that Apple's focus feature lookup originates from the data in the mobile phone, while WeChat originates from images in different chat entries.


After the introduction of the image search function in WeChat chat, many users praised it. However, due to problems such as expiration of chat records and images, the development of the WeChat chat image search function may be limited. Secondly, there is a privacy issue that worries many users. The algorithm will judge the type of image and text in the picture. It is difficult for users to judge the privacy protection policy of this feature.


In addition, image search in chat is also a good feature for sellers, and it can even be said to be an efficiency multiplier in the workflow of some sellers.


Sogou's artificial intelligence technology helped to update the WeChat image search function, as Sogou has accumulated many patents and experience in image and text recognition. In terms of technology complementarity, "integration" between the Internet giants promotes the learning of each other's strengths and weaknesses, thereby improving the user experience of using products