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Shipbuilding company from Hainan Island, China becomes the largest supplier of fishing vessels to the African market

Shipbuilding company Lin Gao Manufacturing from Hainan Island, China becomes the largest supplier of fishing vessels to the African market, in 2018 the first 100 steel fishing vessels will be exported to Mozambique with an estimated production cost of 1.2 billion yuan.

Chairman of Lin Gao Manufacturing from Hainan Island, China Zhang Sheng Zhu said that in July 2018 the company received orders from Mozambique for 100 steel vessels, currently in intensive production it is expected that the first batch of 30 ships will be delivered to end of September 2018, and the remaining 70 ships will be completed by the end of 2018.

"Lin Gao Manufacturing" from Hainan Island, China is a large ship repair enterprise in our province, each vessel has a displacement of 200 tons, which is mainly used for offshore fishing. Hainan Island has geographical advantages, after the construction of the vessel is completed, it can be sent to the destination at low transportation costs.


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