Procedure and the rules of registration of residential property in Sanya and Haikou on Hainan Island changed in 2018 - documents for real estate in Hainan

The video that describes the procedure and rules for the registration of residential real estate in Sanya and Haikou and the Hainan Island, China have changed in 2018 - documents for real estate in Hainan, you can see in our group Vkontakte, on Facebook or on YOUTUBE at this link:    Since the unified real estate registration system was launched in China in 2018, the issuance of the old "Property Certificate" was suspended and a new version of the "Document on the Rights to Immovable Property" was issued. Correlation and the difference between the two are a common problem for Therefore, at present there are two types of real estate registration certificates, namely: "Title Certificate of Ownership" and "Certificate of Real Estate Registration". "Title certificate of property rights" is used to confirm the ownership of real estate, the right to use, etc., and "Certificate of registration of real estate" is used to confirm the mortgage of real estate, easement or pre-registration, registration of objections and other issues. The property rights do not change without new certificates, according to Wu Tinging, deputy director of the First Registration Department of the Haikou Real Estate Registration Center, after the new registration certificate for real estate was opened, the certificate of issuance of the certificate of issue of the initial registration certificate and the certificate issued by law, are still valid. After the transaction with real estate is issued "title certificate of property rights". In Haikou, at present there are three places for receiving documents for the registration of real estate transactions: (1) Real estate reception hall on the first floor of the northern building of the municipal government service center of Haikou, No. 42 avenue Binghai, Haikou City (integrated reception service); (2) Gotuo Building, Goheneng Ering Road, Haikou City; (3) Real estate trading room on the second floor of No. 9 Yixin Road. The Haikou Real Estate Registration Center has two self-service machines that help people request information about their rights to real estate. Usually we specify the address directly on the video, but if you need the exact address in Chinese and on the map or you need to find out how to get to this place from your hotel by bus - register on our forum, place there useful for other tourists information about the city of Sanya or the island of Hainan in the form of your text, photo or video and we will inform you all the necessary information immediately, that is, we will write you an address on Chinese, bus numbers and stop names as a complete itinerary from your hotel to this location:

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