Tourism News Hainan, China: developed a plan to build a circular tourist road for cars and bicycles around the island of Hainan

A seminar on tourism was held today in Haikou, where 11 well-known experts from China in the field of planning, architecture, landscape and tourism came together to conduct detailed discussions on the choice of the route and landscape design of the tourist road around the island, site selection, functional configuration and architectural design, and also put forward a lot of constructive and valuable views on the planning and construction of the ring road project around the island of Hainan.

In May 2018, in accordance with the working arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Hainan Provincial Government, the Provincial Planning Committee and the Transport Division, the Planning and Design Agency was instructed to conduct preparatory work to select options for the construction of a circular tourist highway around Hainan Island, and today experts , scientists and entrepreneurs gathered to express their opinion and fully confirmed the importance of the construction of a ring motorway in District of Hainan Island.

Experts suggest that tourism planning on the island should fully take into account the tourism needs of the next generation and carefully plan and study tourism activities, so the choice of the circular tourist highway around Hainan Island should emphasize creativity, uniqueness and the landscape, pay attention to protecting natural ecology and promote harmonious coexistence of man and nature, the design of the circular tourist motorway around Hainan Island should It should focus on the study and refinement of local culture, traditional culture and maritime culture.

The participating experts agreed that it is necessary to make efforts to make the ring motorway around the island of Hainan a masterpiece, making it a landmark business card for tourism. Planning a year-round tourist road requires precise positioning, emphasizing the tourism function that integrates ecology, landscape, intellect and wealth. It is necessary to use the tourist route as the "Silk Road" through tourist support facilities to connect the picturesque places, beautiful villages and characteristic cities in the province of Hanan to a unique "pearl necklace".

Ding Shijiang, director of the Provincial Planning Commission, focused on summarizing and digesting the content of expert discussions to further deepen and improve the planning and development of tourist and railway routes around the island of Hainan. It is necessary to create an expert advisory group to fully take into account the leading role of expert consultants in the planning and construction of a year-round tourist road.
In a team of project experts, Wang Wei, general manager of the offline marketing department of Ctrip Group, combined his many years of experience in resource integration and tourism market development, Wang Wei said that it is believed that with the joint planning of the government and experts in the future before the world, Hainan Island will present a series of picturesque places with various features such as rocks, beaches, wetlands and sand dunes, it will not just be a road, it will be a new kind of tourist product. In the planning and design of road stations, Wang Wei proposed to introduce and support a number of high-class hotel operators.

Wang Wei believes that the future circular tourist highway around Hainan Island is not just a highway, but also a "smart road". He suggested that it can be combined with the development of tourist roads, comprehensive information about the island's tourism resources and a convenient tool for free travel clients to provide more tourist services. In addition, through the construction and development of tourist roads, a group of professional enterprises for the development of niche tourism and related professional organizations and associations can be represented and supported to attract more travel companies to enter the tourist market of Hainan Island.

Wang Wei said that Ctrip Group is very optimistic about the development of tourism in Hainan Island and hopes to form a common strategic cooperation with the government of Hainan Island.

Michelle Osley, president of the French landscape design company, supported the project and noted that car tourism is a form of tourism based on a road culture, so in Europe and the United States, the development of car tourism has become more common, for example, in the Mediterranean, in France , on the Gate Pass in France and in Cabot Road in Nova Scotia, Canada, where tourists who travel by car feel that sometimes the destination is not so important and the scenery along this road is enough to make people delay To be applied.

According to Michel Osley, France's total coastline is about 18,000 kilometers, and the coastal area is only 4 percent of the national territory. However, the weight of automobile tourism reached 40%. It can be seen that the resources of coastal tourism are very important resources. , to make full use of it.

Michelle Osley also believes that protection and development must be equal, with respect to protection, France has established a Committee for the Protection of Coastal Resources, which is responsible for the unified management and protection of all coastal land. In terms of development, there may be some creative models of development. For example, in France there is a famous small peninsula where photographers are invited to shoot landscape works in some fixed places and then publish and distribute them via the Internet for the effect of tourism promotion.

Meng Qiang, an expert from the Road Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, said that attention should be paid to landscape design management, since Hainan is located at the southernmost tip of China and is an island-type province with abundant resources and obvious political advantages. The market is also relatively mature, "very suitable for self-driving, cycling and driving around the island."