Is it possible to be in debt to a Chinese company: an employee owed to the company 3,280 yuan for 28 days of work

On May 10, Chinese legal WeChat groups reported that a worker in Bazhong, Sichuan Province, owed the company 3,280 yuan after 28 days of work.


The executive of the company said that this debt arose because the employee failed to complete the task of posting the company's Wechat advertisements among his circle of friends, and he was fined 50 yuan by the company for each missed Wechat advertisement.


In this regard, Bazhong City Labor Inspection Department officials told reporters that they are participating in the investigation, and if the news on the Internet is correct, the company has violated labor laws. The employee's lawyer also stated that the company involved in this case committed a number of illegal actions.


The lawyer stated that the company involved has committed a number of illegal acts because, in accordance with the provisions of Article 10 of the PRC Labor Contract Law, the employer is required to conclude a written labor contract within one month from the date of employment, otherwise the employee may demand double wages. payment for an unsigned employment contract.


In addition, by law, employers do not have the right to arbitrarily impose fines on employees. If there are facts proving the negligence of employees and causing damage to the employer, the monthly deduction from wages cannot exceed 20% of the total wage.


In addition, the rules and regulations by which the employer is punished should be formulated by legal procedures and should not contain provisions that violate the legitimate rights and interests of workers, and should be brought to the attention of workers, studied and trained by them before they can be used as a basis for punishment.


In this case, the employer forced employees to post on Wechat, which is illegal and violates the legitimate rights and interests of employees. There are no legal grounds for appraisal of employees and deductions from the employee's salary.