Fuxing Special City for Granting Work Permits to Talented Specialists Created in Haikou, Hainan, China

The Hainan Overseas Talents Innovation and Development Forum was held in Haikou on December 12, 2019, and the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park for the Issuance of Work Permits for Foreigners (Fuxing City)” was officially opened during the event.


 An employee of the Haikou Science, Technology and Industry Bureau said that Haikou has been continuously improving its methods and working methods since it began to review and approve work permits for foreigners in China, including the implementation of prior approval, post- approval, post-tolerance, lending. As of December 11, 2019, a total of 1,592 foreigners in Hainan had valid work permits, and the number of valid documents in Haikou was about 1,050. They are mainly concentrated in the fields of education, tourism, pharmaceuticals, technology and the Internet.


Six international companies signed a contract and settled in the Fuxin Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park. According to reports, the services provided as “Work Permits for Foreigners to Work in Fuxin City” include three aspects: one of them is to provide interpretation and counseling services for a policy regarding work permits for foreigners in China, the second is to help enterprises collect materials for foreigners to work in China and to send them regarding application via the Internet, the third is to preliminarily study work permits for foreigners in China.


Fuxin City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park attracted a large number of prominent domestic and foreign enterprises. During this event, 6 international companies, including Toros Management Enterprise, Hainan Gio Wine Trading, GCR (Global Consulting and Recruiting), Pakistan Golden Chemicals, Hainan Kamote Investement and Muttitude respectively signed strategic cooperation agreements with the Hainan Purcell technology incubator in the park. The creation of the Internet Park for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Fuxin City marks a new step in the international development of the Hainan Internet industry.


On that day, more than a hundred world-famous entrepreneurs at home and abroad gathered together to deeply exchange opinions and explore the possibilities of developing international projects and talents in the field of offshore innovation and entrepreneurship in Hainan, as well as to attract and promote international projects and talents. Fuxin City in Hainan will accelerate the construction of an offshore innovation center and entrepreneurship abroad, and will also contribute to the construction and development of the Internet industry in Hainan.


This event was led by the Haikou Science and Technology Information Bureau, organized by the Fuxing City Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Park, jointly organized by Hainan Bitutoe Yingke Technology Co., Ltd. and Hainan Purcell Technology Incubator.


The organizers of this event did not provide an opportunity for HAINANWEL.COM representatives to attend this event for free, and for our own money we are not able to buy tickets and give more details about this event, post photos and videos.


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