Image advertising campaign on the Internet for enterprises

Created: 16 November 2021

An image advertising campaign on the Internet for enterprises is necessary if the purpose of your promotions is to change the consumer's attitude to the brand of your company, as a result of this, the maximum coverage of the target audience of your company within a given advertising budget will occur.


An image advertising campaign for your site will be carried out by the employees of PRAGMA LLC with a high frequency of impressions - from seven impressions per user from the target group, since it is necessary that the user not only notices the advertisement, but also clearly understands the advertising message and, most importantly, - remembered and linked it to the brand.


The specific objectives of promotions in an image advertising campaign will be: 1. creation of the best opinion about your company among users from the target group; 2. formation of the users from the target group of the association of the best products for them with the name of your company; 3. Creation of the most stable opinion among users from the target group about the advantages of your company's products.


We will be able to conduct an effective image advertising campaign, which will have a lasting effect on the minds of users from the target group, since all our advertising campaigns are carefully prepared and thought out by advertising specialists of our company who have the necessary experience and knowledge. You will get the effect of image advertising when you notice that your customers are changing their attitude towards your company and the products that are sold on your site.


This is manifested in the fact that Internet users, despite shorter delivery times from other firms in Moscow and the Moscow region, prefer to order the products they need from your company. In an image advertising campaign, the design of your company's website is of great importance, which must correspond to the brand image of your company, which will certainly be taken into account by our specialists, since advertising on the Internet of any company should be placed on well-known and image resources, while advertising for a company offering entertainment services should be hosted on Internet resources that are visited by younger and more fun-loving users. The cost of services of PRAGMA LLC for conducting an image advertising campaign on the Internet for enterprises is from 30 thousand rubles per month - to order this service, write to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.