Guilin Yang - Tropical Farm National Park Opens in Haikou City, Hainan Island, China - video

In the capital of Hainan Province, Haikou City was opened the world's largest tropical farming park on February 8, where 30 agricultural pavilions are located on an area of ​​13,000 square meters, where all types of agricultural tropical plants on Hainan Island are grown, as well as dozens of shops with souvenirs, dozens of cafes and restaurants, decorated with tropical plants, orchids, hinged bridges for hiking, shops selling fruits and vegetables, where every visitor will be able not only buy tropical fruits and vegetables, but also see all stage of cultivation and care of these crops on the island of Hainan. A tropical park food court can hold up to 1600 people at the same time, and there is also a banquet hall for 1000 people to meet the needs all kinds of celebrations. At the same time, tourists can also go fishing in an alpine village located in the north-western corner of the tropical agricultural park of Guilin Yangguo. Guilin Yang, the tropical farming national park in Haikou City, Hainan Island, China is the center for international cooperation in tropical agriculture, which has the level of AAAAA, where our agriculture uses advanced farming technologies. Opening hours of Guilin Yang Park: 08: 30-18: 00 Address Park Guilin Yang: Haikou Meilan District Koyo East Avenue 50 Mi Hainan Province, Guilin Yan National Park of Tropical Agriculture (located in the central part of the east coast of Haikou, Guilin Yang, 10 km from the city center and Haikou Meilan International Airport 5 km) Telephone Number of Guilin Yang: 0898-65629999 Ticket price: 30 yuan Tour tickets: 10 yuan Eight theatrical views on rain forests: three daily sessions, each execution time is 50 minutes. Theatrical views time: 10: 30-11: 20; 14: 30-15: 20,16: 30-17: 20, to get to the city of Haikou from the city of Sanya it is possible for an hour and a half by high-speed train, timetables and fares, as well as addresses of stations can be found on our forum about the island of Hainan, you can see fresh video or photos related to this news and previous news, and ask all the questions you are interested in  our group on Facebook: or to our   forum on Hainan Island: