Barbecue and cooking on open fires are prohibited in cities in Hainan, China

The Hainan Province Department of Housing, China has developed an “Implementation Plan for Outdoor BBQ, Outdoor Garbage Burning, Sacrificial Paper Burning and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Public Places.”


According to the person in charge of the provincial housing department, the purpose of the ban is mainly to barbecue outdoors in the built-up areas of cities in Hainan, China, including barbecue outdoors, barbecue on balconies, mobile barbecue counters, illegally occupied barbecue air in public areas and barbecue on the beaches.


When delimiting the permitted territory, it was necessary to take into account the situation and combine the needs of the citizens. The law enforcement department of the city government should jointly distribute natural resources and planning, market surveillance, the environment, public safety and other relevant departments for the scientific and rational differentiation of urban development. In this area, some tourist scenic spots and suitable places to relax outside urban areas can also be rationally designated as outdoor barbecue areas so that residents can focus on eco-friendly barbecues. The remaining places inside the cities are completely prohibited for outdoor barbecue.