2019 Chinese Sailing, Yachting and Windsurfing Festival will be held in Haikou, Hainan, China from November 11-24, 2019

The China Association of Yachting and Windsurfing and the Haikou Municipal People's Government have announced that a series of annual 2019 Chinese sailing festivals will be held in Haikou from November 11 to 24, 2019. The State Sports Administration of China and the Government of Hainan have signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, and both sides have jointly contributed to the integration of sports and tourism in Hainan. The city of Haikou turned the former Sinopec trash terminal into a public pier for Asia's largest national sailing base on the west coast and successfully hosted the annual Chinese Sailing Festival 2018 from December 16-24.


The annual Chinese Sailing Festival in 2019 includes the annual meeting of the China National Sailing Association, the finals of the Chinese Sailing League, the finals of the Chinese Family Regatta, the Hall of Fame of the Chinese Sailing and the World Sailing Championships.


The festival will be attended by the World Federation of Sailing, sailing organizations from all continents, countries and regions, as well as the State Sports Administration, representatives of the city and athletes. The Chinese Sailing Championship this year will be a test before the Chinese team prepares for the final winter training session in Tokyo. The first World Sailing Championship is a world-class sailing competition organized by the World Sailing Federation.


Liu Weidong, secretary general of the China Sailing Association, said the China Sailing Association's annual series of sailing competitions is an important attempt by the China Sailing Association and the Haikou Municipal Government to jointly build a sailing culture, promote tourism and industrial integration, and received a positive response from international sailing industry and the national sailing community.


The deputy mayor of Haikou said that as the first batch of Chinese sailing cities, Haikou invested in the construction of a national academic building for sailing and windsurfing, a hotel for sailing and windsurfing, a yacht pier for windsurfing, a building for talented people and a national public pier. The goal is to build a sports and tourist complex and a national sports tourism demonstration area around sailing.


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