Online commerce in Hainan, China exceeded $ 23 billion in the first three quarters of 2020

In the first three quarters of 2020, Hainan's online transaction volume in China reached over 167 billion yuan, an increase over the same period last year, and retail sales grew 24.86% over last year.


In the first three quarters of 3020, the volume of wholesale online and B2B transactions in Hainan reached 113.868 billion yuan; online retail sales reached 53.189 billion yuan, up 6.84% over the previous year. Among online retail sales, physical online sales and online retail service sales reached 30.914 billion yuan and 22.275 billion yuan, respectively, accounting for 58.12% and 41.88% of online retail sales, respectively.


In online retail sales of food and medical supplies, household goods, and maternal and child goods, 17.263 billion yuan, 1.336 billion yuan and 362 million yuan, respectively, accounted for 55.84%, 4.32% and 1.17%, respectively. ... Among them, the food and health industry continues to dominate. Consumers prefer food brands such as Chunguang, Nanguo and Coconut Island, and products such as jackfruit and coconuts are actively sold online.


Among service-oriented online retail sales, online travel reached 14.797 billion yuan, accounting for 66.43%; online catering, consumer services and online education are developing well.


Online retail sales in rural Hainan totaled 6.97 billion yuan, up 13.87% from a year earlier. Among them, retail sales of physical goods via the Internet in rural areas amounted to 4.098 billion yuan, with the largest share accounted for by food, medical services and household goods; Internet retail sales focused on rural services accounted for 2.872 billion yuan, online travel, online catering and consumer services accounted for the largest number.


Online retail sales of agricultural products in Hainan reached 8.268 billion yuan, an increase of 35.03% over the same period last year. Fruit, tea and vegetables accounted for a relatively high share, reaching 6.758 billion yuan, 525 million yuan and 288 million yuan, respectively.


Live e-commerce has developed rapidly. In the first three quarters, the Hainan live streaming transaction volume was 780 million yuan, and the total number of live viewers was 33.57 million. Among the more popular livestreaming categories, beauty, cosmetics and everyday snacks have attracted attention.


Currently, there are over 226,000 online merchants in Hainan, of which Haikou online merchants account for 49.13%, and Sanya online merchants account for 28.53%.


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