Hainan University and Arizona State University establish International Tourism College

Back in 2017, when Hainan just started building a global tourism demonstration province, it was a fundamental guarantee to develop enough tourism talent with reasonable structure and high quality. In this context, Hainan University and Arizona State University in the United States of America jointly established the Hyde International Tourism College. It is not only the first Sino-foreign educational institution in Hainan, but also the first Sino-foreign joint educational institution related to domestic tourism. It is responsible for strengthening the high quality of Hainan and China. It is an important mission to develop tourism talents and promote the all-round development of Sino-foreign cooperation and exchange in higher education.


Hainan University attaches great importance to the construction and development of the International Tourism College, Wu Yaoting, Party Committee Secretary of Hainan University, said that from the very beginning of its establishment, Hainan will transform the college into a new benchmark for open education and Sino-foreign cooperation in school management, especially to attract overseas Chinese from Southeast Asia to study and start a business, as well as conduct academic exchanges in countries and regions, it is also an important platform for cultural exchange, strengthening tourism cooperation and expanding tourism, to better serve the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port and an international tourist center of consumption.


With the care and support of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and with the full cooperation of Hainan University, Haida International Tourism College has made significant progress in its application, approval and enrollment for the year. Studying at the International Tourism College of Hainan University means that freshmen can register at Hainan University on the same day and use all of Arizona State University's online resources. At the same time, the college has also provided a seamless link between Chinese and foreign language courses. It not only fully implements the "4 + 0" model, which does not require study abroad, but also completely gives willing students the freedom to choose to study at the headquarters of a foreign school.


It is worth noting that the college's professional courses are taught in English, and foreign foreign courses account for more than 50% of all core courses, and it implements the same learning management as the University of Arizona. After completing all courses and successfully passing the exam, students will receive certificates from both Chinese and foreign universities.


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