The first offshore industrial cluster was established in Haikou, within the framework of the National High-Tech Zone of Hainan, China

The first offshore industrial cluster in the city of Haikou was created, organized as part of a seminar on innovation and innovation at the International Science and Technology Innovation Center of the Haikou National High Technology Zone. At the ceremony, seven companies supporting the marine industry signed a contract, such as Guomai Ocean Information Development Co., Ltd., Hainan Blue Phantom Culture Media Co., Ltd. other.


The Marine Industry Cluster is a diversified, high-end enterprise service platform jointly created by the Haikou Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning and the Shichuanliang Innovation Workshop. According to reports, the total investment of the park is 300 million yuan, and the area of ​​use is 50,000 square meters. Currently, the industrial structure of the park is divided into four modules: the marine economic industrial cluster, the Wenchuan base, the offshore innovation base and the integrated office zone of the high-tech zone.


The first offshore industrial cluster in the city of Haikou directs its efforts to increasing the number of enterprises with which contracts are concluded and expanding the scale of the participating industries, creating a solid base for supporting industry.


The scope of the marine industry cluster is reported to be applicable to all policies promoting the International Center for Innovation in Science and Technology in Haikou, in addition, the Shichuanglian Innovation Workshop also provides a range of support services, such as the International Talent Service Center, the Industrial Synergy Exhibition Center, general conference -Center, Haifang Zhiguan International Talent Apartment, etc.


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