Hundreds of historic buildings on the island of Hainan, China will contribute in a special register

Hainan conducted a general survey of historic buildings of conservation value throughout the province, with 444 historic buildings declared in Hainan to date. "Several Conclusions of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the State Council on Further Strengthening Urban Planning and Building Management" propose about five years to complete the delineation of all urban historical and cultural areas and the identification of historic buildings.


In this regard, the Hainan Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Planning has set up appropriate units to conduct a survey of historic buildings of conservation value in the province, compile a “one house, one file, one plan” list of historic buildings, and make clear proposals. So far, all cities and counties in Hainan have announced historic buildings, and the province has announced 444 historic buildings.


According to reports, in the process of excavating historical buildings, Hainan Province not only expanded the protection zone, but also included more buildings (structures) that represent different historical and cultural connotations and different types of buildings. Among the announced historic buildings, in addition to well-known arcades, they also include Ledong Cashew Integrated Processing Plant, Ledong Ingehai Salt Farm Salt Storage Group, Ledong Ingehai Salt Farm Power Plant, Danzhou Changpo Sugar Factory, Hainan University Danzhou Campus Guest Houses with important cultural connotations ; lighting of the Lingao Confucian School and other traditional Confucian cultural buildings, Lingshui Shuikou Houwang Temple, etc. In addition, special shaped buildings such as Wuzhishan City Light Stadium are included for the first time.


The person in charge of the Hainan Provincial Natural Resources and Planning Department said that in order to create a good external image, combined with the construction of signage and signs in a foreign language, Hainan Province is introducing a bilingual list, allowing more people at home and abroad to understand the culture of Hainan. In the next phase, Hainan will guide all localities to accelerate the entry into historical and cultural quarters and information platforms about historical buildings, as well as create topographic and mapping files, and will also promote the legal protection and rational use of historical and cultural quarters and historic buildings.


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