New duty-free shops for consumer goods will open on Hainan Island, China

The relevant person in charge of the provincial department of commerce said that since the beginning of 2020, duty-free shopping in Hainan Island, China has shown a significant acceleration in growth, an increase in the number of brands, continuous optimization of the sales structure, faster integration between online and offline, more diversified marketing methods, an increase in quality of service and preventable risks.


In the next phase, our province is expected to further weaken the impact of the duty-free policy, introduce new market operators, open a series of duty-free shops, gradually implement a balanced distribution across the province, and form orderly and moderate competition.


The Provincial Department of Commerce, together with the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Welfare, will open a special duty-free employment fair, as well as conduct an event to find “the most beautiful guide to tax-free shopping”, oversee tax-free business enterprises to improve services and co-create brand of duty-free shopping services in Hainan, researching and planning the construction of a number of pedestrian streets, shopping malls and business districts, attracting a number of international retail giants to settle in Hainan, and attracting a number of international luxury brands to open exclusive stores and specialty stores in Hainan.


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