Scenic Area "Tropical Bird World - Hainan" will be open to visitors

The Scenic Area "Tropical Bird World - Hainan", which was suspended for six months due to the epidemic, will be open to visitors.


To attract tourists to this scenic location, discounted tickets have been introduced: from the opening day until October 31, adults only need 19.9 yuan to buy tickets, and children 9.9 yuan. At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of the tourism and culture department, from the opening day of the park to October 31, Hainan's talents can visit the park for free with the Tianya talent card.


In the scenic area, in accordance with its own conditions, a number of management measures have been developed to accompany tourists so that they can have fun, take a full range of disinfection and epidemic prevention measures, as well as measure the temperature at the entrance to the scenic area, conduct mandatory checks for all visitors and strictly regulate access. This scenic location has a real name system, online booking, or on-site scan code to buy tickets. At the same time, strict adherence to standards for tourists entering the park: wear masks, display health codes, conduct body temperature checks and maintain a distance between tourists of more than 1.5 meters, while monitoring the density of visitors in real time.


It is worth noting that, as a tribute to the anti-epidemic medical staff, from the day the park opens until December 31, 2020, healthcare workers across the country must present their valid certifications (medical staff must be certified by medical practitioners / nurses for practice and ID), they can pass the admission procedure for free entry at the ticket office of the scenic location.


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