Resumed tourist cruises from Hainan Island to Paracel Islands (Xisha)

Li Yangtze, Assistant General Manager of Straits Shares, said that tourist cruises from Hainan Island to the Paracel Islands were recently resumed, where tourists will participate in a flag-raising ceremony in Xisha on a four-day itinerary, listen to a story from a police officer from the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau, and will carry out activities for the protection of the marine environment to visit the fishermen on the islands.


The Xisha Ecotourism Route has deep historical and cultural connotations such as the Tang and Song housing estates on Ganquan Island, the ancient shipwreck site on the North Reef, the Xisha Monument, and the Xisha Forest.


The trip to Xisha is still an ecological trip. In addition to fostering patriotism, the event also organized environmental protection activities, in the future, environmental demonstration sites will be established in the Paracel Islands to better protect the ecosystem and marine environment of Xis and ensure the sustainable development of Xis.


The Xisha Ecotourism Route is supposed to be a special sea tourist route specially approved by the Hainan Provincial Government and approved by the Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation, it was officially opened for operation on April 28, 2013, we were the first to report this in Russian and English, as of today more than 300 flights were made a day and about 68,000 tourists were transported.


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