VIDEO: sky turns red over a Chinese city in Zhejiang province

On May 7th, an unusual red sky appeared in the Zhoushan sky in Zhejiang Province, sparking a heated discussion in the Chinese media and social media (see video above).


The local meteorological office responded that this phenomenon arose due to the special conditions of light refraction and scattering - due to good weather conditions that day and more moisture in the atmosphere, aerosols formed that reflected and scattered the red light source in the port over the entire city .


The Zhejiang Zhoushan Meteorological Bureau reacted to the local blood-red sky: the source of the refracted light is still unclear. In addition, meteorological experts also noted that the sky over the sea turns red relatively often, but this time it was especially red.


According to an investigation by the Zhoushan Radio and Television, the incident took place at the pier of the Zhouyu Company. At that time, there was an ocean vessel at the pier, catching saury with red lights on, and red light wavelengths have the strongest penetrating power.


In fact, sky bleaching is a normal situation and has happened many times in history. In 1770, many countries had blood-red skies that lasted 9 days.

In 2017, Japanese scientists published an article in Astrophysical Letters claiming that the 1770 "bloody sky" event was caused by solar extra-large activity.