International junior table tennis tournament "Cup Sha Xu Fa" 2019 kicks off in Sanya, Hainan Province, China

The 2019 Xu Sha Fa Cup International Youth Table Tennis Tournament will begin in Sanya on August 17th. More than 500 athletes from China and from abroad will gather at the Sanya Sports Gymnasium for competitions, including participants from Malaysia and Japan.


Participants came from various national sports schools, primary and secondary schools, youth palaces, table tennis clubs and table tennis clubs from around the world. The competition is divided into 18 competitions, divided into groups, singles, mixed pairs, the age of the oldest is 18 years old, the youngest is only 4 years old.


Competitions are held by the Xu Shao Cup Organizing Committee and the Sanya Table Tennis Association. Xu Shaofa was the head coach of the former national table tennis team, he led the team to 12 world championships, and during the 46th world table tennis championship in 2001, he won the ITTF Contribution Award from the International Table Tennis Federation. Upon retiring, he organized a major international unprofessional youth competition named after him.


Han Jianping, deputy director of the Sports Bureau, Sanya said this is a large-scale, influential and authoritative high-level sporting event, while table tennis players from around the world will come together to learn about skills and exchange experiences.