Third airport on the island of Hainan, China opens new flights - Boao-Wuhan-Boao from July 16, 2019

With the arrival of the summer of 2019, Hinan civil aviation opened a new round of passenger traffic peak - the third airport on Hainan Island, China opens new flights - Boao-Wuhan- Boao from July 16, 2019. To meet the needs of most passengers, starting from July 16, Qionghai-Boao Airport opened the return route to Boao-Wuhan, providing convenient travel options for most passengers traveling in the summer and back.

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It is reported that the flight Boao Wuhan is performed at both ends by an Airbus A320 aircraft, flight number CA8259 / 8260, the schedule - every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, flight time 13:25 from Wuhan, 16:05 arrives in Boao, 17 00:00 takes off from Boao and arrives in Wuhan at 19:30. As for tariffs, the fare from Wuhan to Boao economy class is 600 yuan, and the price from Boao to Wuhan economy class is 230 yuan (above prices do not include tax).

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In connection with the opening of the Boao route flight in Wuhan, Air China posted preferential rates on the official website and the main OTA platforms. At the same time, passengers can call the airport information desk at 0878-36860114 to find out information about the flight, airport traffic, check-in and other service issues.


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