In Sanya on the island of Hainan, China in August 2018 will host an entrepreneurship competition, where the winner will receive 40,000 yuan

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Employment Services of Sanya City reported that in August 2018, the Sanya Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Competition will take place, where the winner will receive 40,000 yuan. The event is currently at the registration stage, and the deadline for registration is July 31, 2018.

Participants in the Sanya Entrepreneurship competition are: students and youth representatives, aged 16 and over, can register for the competition, paying special attention to high-level talents, repatriates, students of technical colleges, translators.

The Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Competition is divided into two groups: Startup Group and Creative Group (Creative Project). Among them, participants of the group of beginning entrepreneurs should be registered in the industrial and commercial sector of Sanya City for no more than 5 years, while their authorized capital does not exceed 20 million yuan.

To stimulate entrepreneurial enthusiasm, three awards were created this year in the Sanya Entrepreneurship Competition: first, the group's starting prize, the first prize- 40,000 yuan, the second prize-20,000 yuan, the third prize -10,000 yuan. The second award for the creative group, the first prize - 20,000 yuan, two second prize, each prize of 15,000 yuan, two third prize, each award - 8,000 yuan. Third, there will be 6 awards of 2,000 yuan.

In order for small enterprises to have a qualitative improvement in future development, Sanya City will also help nominees and after this competition - hire experts and mentors from their leadership.