News Sanya and Hainan's economy: the basic directions of reforming of the Special Economic Zone in Hainan Province, China

It is based on the analysis of a number of Chinese print media.

The first is a unique ecological environment, it is a valuable asset that nature has given to Hainan, and this is the most powerful and cost-effective way for Hainan Island to comprehensively deepen reforms. We must implement the strictest environmental protection system, resolutely combat pollution prevention and suppression, to improve the system of assessment and evaluation based on the "green" development, to attract the best investment with the best resources and the best use of these resources for the people. As soon as possible, a pilot zone of the national ecological civilization will have to be built.

The second is to create a clear example of real estate regulation. Preventing speculation in the real estate market is not only an economic problem, the problem of people's livelihood, but also a political problem. We will resolutely fulfill the important position that "houses are used for life, and not used for speculation." We will continue to implement a comprehensive policy in the field of land supply, planning and control, financial and tax, financial and construction supervision and the use of the most stringent control measures for real estate management. A healthy and stable development of the market will never be a "factory for real estate processing."

The third is to create a vivid example of creating a first-class business environment. We need to target the domestic first-class and global leaders to speed up the integration with the international investment and trade rules, study the system of "zero approval" and "negative list" in the system "multiple control" and "supervisory model of second-line security and command and control efficiency" . Accelerate the formation of a business environment that is the rule of law, internationalization and simplification, and will open a single and effective market environment.

The fourth is to create a vivid example in building important strategic rods for the 21st century Silk Road: Hainan and the Primorsky Silk Road are geographically similar. We must make full use of the opportunities for creating free trade zones and the Boao Forum for Asia and other international exchange platforms for vigorously promoting interconnection and pragmatic cooperation and creating a "Pannannan economic cooperation circle." "We will strive to build an important open door for China to the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

The fifth is to create a vivid example of the development of a high level of openness in underdeveloped regions. The creation of a free trade zone (Sanya) will undoubtedly allow Hainan to create an open economy of a higher level and a higher level-to promote the opening of modern agriculture, high-tech industries and modern services and the development of trade in services. We are at the forefront of the country in building a modern economic system and promoting quality economic development.