Sanya City Establishes Geographic Indication Trademark System for Agricultural Products

Sanya has issued the Sanya Agricultural Trademark Regulatory Framework to further regulate the use of Sanya agricultural trademarks and protect the legitimate rights and interests of Sanya agricultural trademarks.


Sanya is an important tropical fruit and vegetable producing region in China. “Local delicacies” represented by mango, lotus mist and melon have long been renowned for their early maturity, valuable appearance, high quality and other characteristics. Both brand benefits and economic value are important. In the context of the construction of a free trade port in Hainan, Sanya's vegetable and fruit farm urgently needs standardized management to improve quality and efficiency.


It is understood that the "System for the regulation of the use of geographical indications and trademarks of agricultural products in Sanya City" will affect the name, pattern, text, color and include a full set of image identification systems (signs), including the combination and design of 3D modeling applications, animation modeling and etc.


The Sanya Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has authorized the Sanya Mango Association, Sanya Cantaloupe Association and Sanya Lianwu Association to manage the entire set of Sanya Melon, Sanya Lotus Fog and Sanya Cantaloupe branding signs. The aforementioned three associations will establish geographical indications trademark management offices responsible for developing appropriate rules for the management and use of geographical indications trademarks, registering trademarks with images of trademarks with geographical indications, registering industrial design patents, approving the use of trademarks with geographical indications. instructions, protection of rights, advertising and promotion, etc.


In addition, Sanya City Mango Association, Sanya City Melon Association and Sanya Lotus Foam Association also cooperated with Sanya Youlong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Sanya Youlong Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., Sanya Greenland Mango Planting Farmers Professional Cooperative, Hainan Youyou Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., and Sanya Sanliyuan Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. and Hainan Jiuyi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. signed a contract and reached a cooperation agreement to jointly expand and strengthen Sanya's “regional fresh fruit brand” and create a business card with local flair.


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