To arrest could lead an attempt to leave without a coronavirus test in China

The Shenzhen Public Security Department and the Guangzhou Railway Public Security Bureau notified on February 17 that on February 16, the Shenzhen North Railway Station Police Station successively detained two suspects of illegal activities who did not comply with epidemic prevention rules and illegally entered the station.


Under the "Punishment Law of the People's Republic of China," the behavior of the two individuals was refusing to comply with the decisions and orders issued by the people's government under the state of emergency, and they were subjected to an administrative penalty of 5 days' administrative detention by the Shenzhen North Railway Station Police Station.


The man, named Peng, 25, reportedly arrived at Shenzhen North Station on the same day and planned to take a train from Shenzhen North Station. According to epidemic prevention and control regulations, he was supposed to have a negative coronavirus test result valid for 48 hours before leaving Shenzhen, but he did not have such a test and Peng jumped over the railing to enter the train station, where he was detained by the police.


At around 4:04 pm on the same day, Kuang, a 45-year-old man, was stopped by the Epidemic Prevention Department after climbing over the railing. Upon learning of this, the epidemic prevention staff immediately called the police, after which the police arrived and took him to the police station for investigation. Kuang was sentenced to 5 days of administrative detention by the police station of Shenzhen North Railway Station.


According to statistics, since Jan. 7, the Shenzhen North Railway Station police station has detected 25 people who illegally entered the station in violation of epidemic prevention regulations.


Police remind travelers that they should strictly follow local epidemic prevention and control regulations when traveling during an epidemic, take personal protective measures, and comply with various prevention and control requirements