Self-guided tours in Indonesia

Self-guided tours in Indonesia

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In Indonesia bloomed the giant flowers – the address on map
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In the Reserve «Taba Penanjung» (see the map at the top of this article), located 45 kilometers of the city Benkulu in the south of Sumatra, Indonesia, has blossomed at once two of the giant flowers in the world, called Rafflesia Arnoldii. Rafflesia - is the largest flower in the world, the average diameter of the flower reaches from 70 to 90 centimeters, the largest flower had a diameter of 106.7 centimeters. For the first time Rafflesia was opened to Europeans on the island of Sumatra in 1818, by British officer Stamford Raffles and botanist Joseph Arnold, due to this, the new flower and was given the unusual name - Rafflesia Arnoldii. By the way, now that British officer Stamford Raffles, better known as the founder of modern Singapore, known as the "Father of Singapore." Locals on the island of Sumatra called the flower "Bunge patma," which means - "Lotus flower". Residents of Sumatra are confident in the positive effect of Rafflesia Arnoldii on sexual function and argue, that the sap of plants helps restore of shape after childbirth, but so far all the features a unique flower has not yet been studied.!
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Festival on Lake Sentani, Papua province. Time: 19 - 23 June 2014. Venue - Lake Sentani
Lake Sentani is the largest in the territory of the easternmost province of Indonesia - Papua. It is located not far from the provincial capital - the city of Jayapura. The lake is home to 33 species of different fish, some of them are unique.

The festival is dedicated to the culture and life of tribes inhabiting the province of Papua. It brings together representatives of the 19 administrative districts of the province. During the festival there are theater performances, exhibitions and cooking shows. The highlight of the festival is the dance "isilo» (isilo), which is executed on the boats.

Will also be held on the lake boat race involving both male and female teams.!
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In Indonesia, will resort to moviegoers

On the Indonesian island of Batam to build new resort - this time on kinotematiku.

As expected, the recreation area will appear in the upscale seaside Nongsa to December 2018. The integrated resort called The Scene - «Scene" - will be developed by companies Infinite Studios and Landstar Development.

They say that the appearance of the first "of film" city in Asia was drawn from classic European architecture. Worked on the project architect Peter Hahn and Hollywood scenic artist Peter Collias.

"The unique concept of" Scenes "arose due to the huge demand for film production in Asia. Now many world producers prefer this region "- said Mike Viluan, CEO of Infinite Studios.

Guests at the resort will be able to see firsthand what is usually seen on television, added Viluan.

The resort can be visited canteens, bars on the roof or at the pool, a fitness and wellness centers and even a wedding chapel. Tools for shoppers shopping streets. Not far from the "scene" to stretch several golf courses, and from the windows of buildings open scenic views of the sea and lush landscapes!
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Excursions in Bali

Elephant Cave
Goa Gajah - Elephant Cave

Not far from the resort of Ubud, in the direction of the city Gianyar Dutch traveler in 1923 it was discovered an amazing place that now bears the name "elephant cave". There are several hypotheses about the origin of this name because it is known that in Bali until the XIX century, there were no elephants. All of these assumptions have every right to exist, but they are not as interesting as the question about the purpose of this cave. Most likely, a cave dating back XI century, served as a sanctuary or Hindus, or Buddhists, or for those and for others, because inside it were found objects of worship of both religions. The cave entrance is decorated with stone ornaments, depicting people, plants and animals, in addition, he is guarded by fearsome head demon. It consists of 15 different cave-largest caves. They are such interesting sights of antiquity as phallic symbols of Shiva, Ganesha statue, and built of stone with a large bathroom with six statues surrounding it probably served for ablutions praying.

Yeh Pulu - Ganesha Monument

Near Goa Gajah it is one of the historical sites of the island, which is called Yeh Pulu. This historical and cultural monuments is the rock carvings of the god Ganesha and a variety of domestic scenes, carved on a rocky section with a length of almost 25 meters. If you read these images in order from left to right, some of these images will develop a complete story. Researchers believe that the basis of the plot of the life of Krishna. Dated this sanctuary around XIV century.
The complex of Gunung Kawi

The complex of Gunung Kawi

This unique historical monument is located a few tens of kilometers to the north-east of Ubud, and is a complex of royal tombs XI century. Can serve as a reference point located near Tirta Empul -svyaschennye sources. This complex, which is considered the oldest monument of Balinese culture, include gravestones carved in the form of figures of ancient rulers of the island. Figures only ten, and they are located in niches carved into the rock to a depth of 7 meters. Five tombstones located on the east side of the canyon, four figures - in the west, and another tombstone, belonging to no one, is a little bit away from the rest. It is believed that the figures in the east, are the image of King Udayana right then, his wife Queen Mahendratty and their heirs - maracatu, Anak Vungsu and Airlangga. Four are located in the east of the figures depict concubines Anak Vungsu. There is also a view that the whole complex was dedicated to him.
Kintamani Tour

One of the most fascinating and exciting excursions to the island is an 8-hour Kintamani Tour. During the tour, guests will visit the village and important places of Bali: Batubulan famous Mas woodcarving, jewelry remesёl Cheluk center, a kind of cultural capital of Ubud. And, of course, during a visit by an acquaintance with Kintamani volcano and volcanic Lake Batur.
Tanah Lot Temple
Mengwi Tour with a visit to the temple of Tanah Lot

This is a very exciting five-hour tour, including visits to the famous royal temple Taman Aayun, Kedaton Monkey Forest, which is located inside the old castle, and the famous Tanah Lot Temple. The tour program is also provided lunch.
Klungkung - Besakih

This interesting tour that introduces visitors to the east of the island, takes a full day. The tour includes visits to the city of Gianyar, which demonstrate his art of local weavers, with a visit to the town of Klungkung pond surrounded Kertagosa - Hall of Justice, as well as the bat cave Goa Lava, situated on the road into the mountains. Lunch time tourists spend in the restaurant "Bukit Jambul", getting an opportunity to enjoy a meal during the beautiful terraced rice fields. The tour is a visit situated on Mount Agung Hindu shrine - the famous temple of Besakih.

Rafting and elephant safaris

During this excursion is offered puieshestvennikam rafting on a mountain river Ayung among wild beaches and rainforest. On the way there are 20 rapids, so the adrenaline is provided on a journey. Accompanying tourists during alloy experienced instructors and advise and help beginners and those who consider themselves more experienced, to ensure complete safety.

Continuing the tour offers horseback riding on the largest land animals on the equatorial tropics, which also left an impression for life.

Park reptiles and birds - Ubud

Five-hour tour offers a visit to the famous park of reptiles and birds, and after them - the village of Ubud, the famous hand-made batik, which provided an opportunity not only to get acquainted with the creative process, but also buy a variety of works of art from local artists.

Lombok Island

This island is located east of Bali, 50 kilometers, a population of about three million people. Local people call their island "dry land." Nature Lombok is more like Australia and very different from Bali, so for those who want to explore as much as possible to Indonesia, Lombok is a very interesting option.

Standard one-day tour begins 20-minute flight to the island of Lombok Strait by the same name and includes a guided visit to local villages Penundzhak, Sukarasa and Rambinan, as well as lunch on the beach of Kuta.

Borobudur - Prambanan

In the morning, tourists get to the plane on the island of Java city of Yogyakarta, where during the day there are excursions to the palace of the sultan, the largest in the world of the existing Buddhist temple of Borobudur and so on. If there is such a desire, you can stay here for the night.

Cruise to coral reefs

Tourists are offered a wonderful sea walk that day will be remembered not only first-class recreation and a unique atmosphere, but also striking for its colorful views of the island, which can be seen from the side of a magnificent 34-meter catamaran. Do not be bored during stops when organized riding on a special boat, equipped with a glass bottom, and swimming in the clear ocean waters. If desired, you can also visit different exotic nature wild desert beaches. The special flavor give this trip a unique local cuisine and other specialties.

Taman Ayun

Bedugul - Tanah Lot

The program of this tour will visit Taman Uyun, the royal temple and the Monkey Forest Kedaton. Then offered a trip to the famous Bedugul mountain resort, which is characterized by breathtaking views of the lake Beratan. Next to this lake it is one of the most beautiful temples of Bali. As part of the tour is also invited to visit the flower and fruit market. After lunch provided familiarity with the famous Tanah Lot temple, built on a rock surrounded by the sea. The special effect of this tour due to the fact that it is held at sunset, when the temple looks amazing.

Centers crafts and dances - Monkey Forest

This tour offers visitors to see in the town Batubalan presentation Balinese dance "Barong" and village Tohpoti - see how batik painting is done and buy pearls and stones. Also in the program of the tour includes a visit to the monkey forest, village Cheluk, which is considered to Bali one of the centers of jewelry and Ubud.

Uluwatu Temple


The tour to the temple of Uluwatu, inhabited by a tribe of monkeys is 4 hours. This unique temple is considered one of the special attractions of the island, built on the rock, almost hanging over the waters of the Indian Ocean. Here you can admire the Balinese national dance "Kechak." Ends tour a wonderful dinner at the restaurant located next to the beautiful Jimbaran Bay.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Complex

More unfinished today complex is planned as the personification of the whole of Hinduism and Balinese culture. The location of this grand complex of selected hill on the peninsula of Nusa Dua, which offers a magnificent panorama of the whole island. The area of ​​the complex includes a huge area allocated for religious processions, a unique concert stage with the natural acoustics, which created thanks brought to the island of Java a huge stone monoliths. It often hosts theatrical performances and concerts of world performers. The main attraction of the complex is a symbolic yet stub 146-meter high statue of one of the major Hindu deities - Vishnu showing him on the mythical bird Garuda.

Cruise to the dolphins

This tour is a two-hour walk along the coast of the peninsula of Nusa Dua in a speedboat. In these waters the dolphins are found almost constantly, so the chances are to get acquainted with these wisest inhabitants of the sea is very high.

Waterpark "Waterbom"

The only water park on the island is located in the Kuta tourist attractions and is a very attractive place, with both kids and adults. The water park includes 4 hectares of unique tropical gardens. On it are presenting with all the guests a lot of positive emotions 14 water slides (the length of one of them is more than a kilometer), lazy river and other attractions. There are specially designed for children mini-park with a pond and a lovely spa-salon. Also, guests are invited to visit the water park swim-up bar and two restaurants, mineral baths, massages. The park is open daily from 9 am to 18 hours.
Crocodile Farm

A six-hour tour of the crocodile farm allows you to get acquainted with living here for almost 350 reptiles. Length of local residents reaches five meters, and the age of some of them close to three-valued value. In addition, on a farm, you can admire the famous lizards from Komodo.


This tour provides an excellent opportunity to learn better Balinese culture. A typical Balinese carvings, sculptures and paintings by local artists, amazing walks in this wonderful city - all this six-hour tour of the proposed program. In addition, during the tour you can also visit a spa-center and a fine dinner in the restaurant, which offers an interesting view of the rice fields.

Bedugul - Singaraja

During this tour, travelers will have the opportunity to visit the old capital of the island - the city of Singaraja. Before this stop is planned in the village of Bedugul to visit the lakeside very beautiful Hindu temple. Also in the program of the tour includes a visit to Lovina resort area and one of the largest and most popular waterfalls in Bali.

Komodo Island

This tour offer a three-day tour of the island, the first known living here a giant dragon - monitor lizards. This tour is one of the most spectacular in Bali, but not the most comfortable, as the island of Flores, which is one of the planned overnight stays, offers a very weak tourism infrastructure, and personal belongings are worth much closer look than most of Bali. It's worth noting that with a grab have comfortable shoes, hats and mandatory insect repellent. However, these are minor compared to the main purpose of trip - observation of the direct descendants of dinosaurs, which are known as fancies.

Sumatra Island

This tour provides an excellent opportunity for every traveler to see the unique natural wealth of Sumatra - one of the largest islands of Indonesia. In the tropical jungles of the island hides a lot of interesting things: armadillos, orangutans, flying foxes, tapirs, hornbills, binturong, zhёltohvostye pheasant and a great variety of other exotic birds and animals. By the way, in Sumatra grow the largest flowers of all known on the planet - Arnold Rafflesia, the diameter of which can reach 90 centimeters.

New Guinea

This tour - a great opportunity to walk in the footsteps Maclay. This tour includes walking on located on the territory of New Guinea Baleym Valley, where even today the natives live Lani tribes, Dani and Yali. During the tour you can get acquainted with the everyday aspects of life of these people, their traditions and culture, which is, without doubt, a unique experience. Besides all this, the nature of the valley Baleym truly picturesque and unique.!
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Museum of History of Jakarta

Jakarta History Museum, still known as Fatahillah Museum or the Museum of Batavia is located in the old part of town called Kota Tua. It is worth noting that the Kota Tua, also known as Old Batavia Jakarta or old, considered one of the most picturesque places in Jakarta.

The exact location of the museum - the southern part of the area Fatahillah (former Batavia area), near the famous Wayang Museum and the Museum of Arts and Ceramics. The building, which now houses his collection of the Museum of History of Jakarta, was built in 1707 on the site of the former town hall early XVII century, the grand opening was held in 1710 - the building was opened by Abraham van Riebeeck, the Governor General of the Dutch East Indies. Initially, the building served as the town hall. It also housed the administration of the Dutch East India Company, and later - the government (during the Dutch colonization). Inside the building is very beautiful, rooms, of which there are over 30, have a rich decoration. It is known that in 1830 the building was imprisoned the national hero of Indonesia, Diponegoro, who organized the Java revolt against the Dutch colonialists.

Jakarta History Museum was opened two centuries later, in 1974. The museum's collection includes artifacts (more than 23 thousand), which will tell about the prehistory of the city, its foundation in 1527, told the story of the city during the Dutch colonization, which began in the XVI century and lasted until 1948, when Indonesia gained independence. Guests of the museum will be able to see historical maps, art paintings, furniture, and archaeological artifacts from the prehistoric period in Indonesia. The museum owns a rich collection of furniture XVII - XIX centuries.!
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Waterpark "Uoterborn"

Waterpark "Waterbom" - is 3.8 acres of lush tropical parkland, cut by seventeen thrilling water slides and are fraught with hundreds of ways to have fun for people of any age. Here everyone will find entertainment for the soul: the search for adventure to a relaxing stay in the shade. This place is equally suited to spend time with family, and to hide from everyone in the special day.

Waterpark is located in the heart of Kuta, within walking distance of the beach and the central square and a number of hotels. Water park offers 17 slides of different heights and levels of difficulty and a lot of other entertainment.

The descent from the hills Climax begins with a small camera at a height of 19 meters above the ground, where the visitors almost from under the feet leave the floor and resembles a free-fall. Attraction can be classified as extreme. Superbowl - this maelstrom, carrying away down the closed tube, the output of which is a huge pot, after a few laps on it descend fall into the pool. Boomerang - an extreme descent from the 20-meter height. Gorka Smashdown can achieve a speed of 70 km / h on the descent from the 8-story slide at an angle of 60 degrees. Macaroni - interlocking slide closed. Slides Jungle Ride with a lot of turns laid directly under the tropical trees. Boogie Ride and Raft River designed for running on a special mat-sledding along two parallel tracks. Race Track - downhill slide with two large slopes. Lazy River - the river, on which you can drift on a rubber raft past cascading waterfalls and lush tropical vegetation. «Funtastic» - fun for the youngest visitors: funny rides, water cannons and airplanes, slides and much more.

Other facilities and services: a tropical garden, evrobatut, water shooting, fun at the pool (deck chairs, gazebos, water volleyball), an exotic exfoliation Garra Rufa fish, ink island with temporary tattoos, a bar in the water, changing rooms and lockers, rental pavilions, food and beverages, retail stores, souvenir shops, reflexology, parking.

All slides and rides match the highest international safety standards for the chlorination and disinfection of water used advanced technologies that do not harm the skin and the environment. Waterbom Waterpark has a status EarthCheck Silver Benchmarked as a company whose activities do not harm the environment.!
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Bali Botanic Garden

Bali Botanic Garden is a branch of the National Botanical Garden in Bogor on the island. Java and is located on Lake Bratan in Bedugul area of ​​central Bali.

The garden is situated on the slopes of the mountain trees (Gunung Pohon) and covers an area of ​​157.5 hectares. Home celebrity garden - a large collection of valuable plants, which listed more than 650 species of various trees.

Collection Bali Orchid Botanical Garden is one of the largest in Indonesia - there are more than 400 species of flowers. Fans of this plant is required to get aesthetic pleasure from exploring the winding paths of the garden.

In addition to the plants in the garden presents many species of colorful tropical birds, allowing the garden be a center for the study of flora and fauna of the island of Bali. Visiting the Botanical Garden in Bali for a few hours, you can immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace and unity with nature.

For visitors to the garden is also open a small colorful market that sells spices and plants, as well as a library and herbarium.

All of rare plants here are information boards, from which you can learn useful information about the plants themselves, their origins and unique properties. Other useful information will gladly tell professional guide whose services we can use when visiting the Botanical Garden of Bali.!
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Water Palace Mayyura

Mayura Water Palace is located in the center of business life in the area Kakranagera. Its strategic location and historical significance make it popular among tourists, both local and foreign. At a time when there ruled Balinese princes, Mayura was the administrative and political center of the island of Lombok. This quiet place is the antithesis of the noisy main street Kakranagery and is a fine example of traditional Balinese architecture.

The palace was built in 1744 for the Balinese royal court, situated around a large square pool surrounded by a garden and surrounded by a low stone wall, decorated with intricate carvings depicting animals. Location of the palace pool is designed to enhance the beauty of the park. At its center is open on one side of the pavilion, which can be reached through a specially built bridge. In the old days there was a court conference hall. The original structure is called Bale Kambang (in the local language means "small island"), its location in the middle of the pool like a small island in the ocean. This pavilion is a bit like on the other, located in Klungkung in Bali, but is much smaller and not so richly decorated. They say that such floating pavilions were built in case of persecution during the Dutch colonial era. Above the water surface and towering sculpture of a peacock, and statues of Western Asia. They were established in gratitude to the king for his friend the governor of Pakistan for his proposal to get rid of snakes using peacocks. The palace complex mangosteen grows a lot of trees, which create a cool shade in the park.

The word "Mayura" has a Sanskrit origin and means "peacock". It is said that during the reign of King Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem, in the palace garden inhabited by many snakes, which created a lot of inconvenience, and the king decided to ask for help from his best friend, the governor of Pakistan in the fight against them. So there were peacocks in the garden.

In 1894, when the Balinese and Dutch colonists were fighting for control of Lombok, Mayura Water Palace was the site of some of the fiercest fighting. Dutch army camped outside the palace, which was a serious strategic miscalculation: the Balinese, armed with rifles and shot from the walls of the palace all the enemy forces. Several old Dutch cannons and Balinese statues still cherish the memory of those events.

A stone's throw from the Palace of Mayura is the largest Balinese temple. It was built in 1720 and is still used by Hindu believers for religious holidays every full moon, and on special occasions. One of the most important ceremony is a celebration of the full moon Prunama Kimpat, the fourth month of the Balinese calendar. The shrine is open to tourists, but want to visit it have to wear a sarong. If you believe the keepers of the park, his spirit dwells in this temple.!
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Sunda Kelapa Harbor

Sunda Kelapa harbor - an old port, which is located at the mouth of the river Ciliwung. The name of the river Ciliwung translated from Indonesian language sounds like "muddy river". This river is the largest river in the city of Jakarta. At a time when the island of Java was colonized by the Dutch, the river Ciliwung was important, and the port - an important stop on the path of many merchant ships from around the world. In addition, the river has been a source of fresh water for the residents of the city. Unfortunately, the water Ciliwung polluted by industrial and domestic discharges, but despite this, the water is stored in a sufficiently large number of fish and crabs, shrimp and other crustaceans.

Sunda Kelapa port was once the main port of Sunda kingdom, from which begins the story of the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Translated from the Sundanese language, "Kelapa" - a local variety of the coconut, hence the name of the harbor. In the XIII century, trade is one of the sources of income of the Kingdom of Sunda. It should be noted that the port of Sunda Kelapa was one of the few then existing Indonesian ports that are maintained trade relations with Europe and took their ships.

In 1527 Sunda Kelapa was attacked by forces of the Sultanate of Demak, and soon Sunda Kelapa renamed Jakarta. Later, the port has become a part of the Sultanate of Bantam. During the colonization of the Netherlands near the port it was built a new town, called Batavia. As the main port it functioned until almost the end of the XIX century until it was built Tanjung Priok new port to unload the flow of arriving ships. The new port is located 9 km to the east of the old port. After Indonesia became independent, the port of Batavia again returned to its original name - the Sunda Kelapa as a tribute to the historical past of the harbor, was at the forefront of Jakarta.!
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