Entertainment in China

Entertainment in China

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Entertainment in China

Entertainment in China is also unexpected and diverse as the Middle Kingdom itself.
Beijing Zoo

If other zoos to feed animals is prohibited, there herbivores can not only indulge a favorite delicacy, but even stroke. Total living on its territory about 600 species of animals. The most popular among visitors is the family of giant pandas.

The zoo has its own aquarium, where you can watch the beautiful show. The main participants - the dolphins and sea lions. And, you can stroll through the transparent tunnel, blazed through the shark aquarium.
Monkey Island

Located not far from the island of Sanya, only 80 kilometers away. But you can reach it only by air. Monkey Island with the "mainland" relates only to the cable car. And it can even be called a separate attraction. Booth gently floats over the relic groves, the town and the bay.

The island, in fact, a huge park, which became home to two thousand monkeys. These animals are everywhere. They hang on the trees, moving through the grass, take out visitors, begging sweets, as well as bullies trying to rip off the tourists their favorite bright baubles.

The park has a circus. And it serves him not only monkeys, but also other animals. And the money collected for the performance of a parrot, so that there are no defaulters.
Natural Zoo Dunshanhu

The largest Asian zoo, which occupies an area of ​​130 hectares. There is a natural park on the shores of Lake Dunshanhu.

In the park there are thousands of different species of animals and birds, and the garden is filled with numerous tropical plants. Get around on foot a gigantic territory is simply impossible, so the tour is sent to the off-road vehicles with a professional guide and driver.

Of interest are not only meeting with the animals, but also the local nature. For example, a local mountain can be seen on the stones of unusual and sometimes quite bizarre forms.
Chang'an Grand Theatre

The area in front of the building is decorated with colorful sculptures in the form of a huge theatrical mask. This can be called the identification mark without allowing just pass by.

The auditorium is never empty, and presentation take place here every day. Repertoire is presented as classic folk operas and revolutionary socialist realist productions. And, of course, any representation is accompanied by deafening sounds of percussion instruments. It is an integral part of any setting, a tradition that was born in the distant past.

The theater is designed to accommodate 800 people. Also in the room there, and VIP-boxes intended for the affluent citizens. And if you really want to see the real Beijing Opera, then you should definitely get on the local representation.
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Entertainment in Beijing

Entertainment in Beijing - is not only hiking in elite restaurants and clubs, but also visit the tea houses (here you can taste the different varieties of tea and take part in a tea ceremony), and a viewing platform at the Beijing TV Tower (from here you can admire the panorama of the city).
Amusement parks in Beijing

Water Park "City Seaview": Here you can spend time in the pool with artificial waves, fishing and massage pools. In addition, there are water slides, water attractions for children and release the ball.
"Shijingshan": the amusement park, you can spend time in the areas of "World Adventures" and "Fantasy World". Guests of the park will be able to ride the 40 rides, take part in the celebration of the traditional carnival, accompanied by carnival parades and shows, meet with Disney characters, have a meal in the restaurant, made in the style of oriental fairy tales.
"Beijing Happy Valley": this park offers a ride on the 100 rides (giant swings, slides and American), to visit the thematic areas as "Atlantis," "Empire of the Maya", "Wild Fjord", "Ant country" as well as a cinema IMAX.

What kind of entertainment in Beijing?

On vacation in Beijing is schedule a visit to the Museum of Science and Technology - here you will be offered a walk on sections dedicated to high technologies, transport, energy, aviation, visit at 4D-cinema. In addition, there is a children's park, where visitors spend little interesting exhibitions.

Another interesting way to pass the time - visit the Peace Park: here you can admire the Red Square, Easter Island, the palace of the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, or rather their reduced copies (to navigate in the park and see the sights of your miniature, at the entrance is recommended to take a map).

A dive into the nightlife of the city can be in nightclubs "Tango" (famous for hot parties and competitions held here between the dancers, beginners and professionals), "Angel Club" (offers magnificent dance floors and equipped with VIP-room), "Baby Face "(here regularly perform popular music bands and DJs of different styles).
Activities for Children in Beijing

Beijing Zoo: Here your child will see a variety of animals (about 450 species) and visit the "Golden Monkey House" on "Lake waterfowl", on the "Hill of tigers and lions," and in other thematic areas.
Beijing Aquarium: kids, for sure, be happy opportunity to visit the exhibition, which will introduce them to the cetaceans, sturgeon, jellyfish and corals. So, they will be able to see the monkfish and sea angels, Japanese carp, blue sharks, as well as shows with dolphins.

You do not know how to entertain themselves in the capital of China? Embark on a tour, includes visits to popular attractions and museums, or walk down the street Wangfujing (in the dark here selling exotic snacks at the night market).
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Re: Entertainment in China

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Water parks in Guangzhou

A visit to the water park in Guangzhou will produce stunningly positive impression on its visitors of all ages - it rides awarded international awards, and in addition, it is famous for its excellent service and pleasant atmosphere.
Water Park in Guangzhou

Waterpark "Chimelong Water Park" features:

"Great super bowl", "is rapidly racing", "spouting track", "Pasta Hippo" (descent from 20 meters high);
children's playground with corresponding slides a small height and angle of incidence;
5-kilometer "drifting river" with water obstacles in the form of bridges, waterfalls, artificial waves (as it must be by means of an inflatable raft circle);
pool that simulates waves (one of nine types of waves up to 1.5 m);
food establishments.

It is worth noting that on the dance floor arranged performances of dance groups, circus performers and rock bands, as well as a water park often pleases its visitors carrying laser shows, Hawaiian parties, the Brazilian carnival.

The cost of children (up to 1.2 m) of admission - free tickets for people aged 65+ and children growth of 120-150 cm - 85 yuan for adults - 150 yuan. Tickets for the evening are paid on the basis of another rate: an adult ticket costs 100 yuan, and a children's ticket for seniors - 50 yuan.

Vacationers in Guangzhou can have fun also in the water park "Big Hippo Water World" (the average ticket costs $ 20-25) - he will appreciate them "lazy river", children and huge water slides for adults, pools of varying depth and water temperature , sun loungers and parasols.
Water Activities in Guangzhou

For you, it is of interest to hotel accommodation with a swimming pool? You can book a room in "Marriott Guangzhou Tianhe", "The Westin Pazhou", "Langham Place Guangzhou", or another hotel.

Tourists should pay attention to the aquarium Ocean World (entrance fee - $ 20) - here you can see more than 10,000 inhabitants, to place in certain sections (there is an aquarium with ornamental fish, pavilion seals, shark aquarium tunnel with coral reefs, a tunnel dedicated to animals and plants of mountain rivers and lakes). In addition, the aquarium is equipped with a circular corridor for review and a hall for performances of performing animals.

Resting in Guangzhou, do not miss the opportunity to go for an evening walk along the Pearl River - in the price of the underlying ticket includes the cost of coffee or tea, but you can make an order for a river cruise with dinner (depending on the class of boat and features a river walk, you pay for It 50-180 yuan, and the length of travel of the water, usually 1.5-2 hours).
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