Phones, codes the major cities of China

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Phones, codes the major cities of China

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7 ways to pay for your phone in China

What could be simpler - to pay for the phone? However, this simple task in Russia, where cell phones are everywhere, to replenish their accounts, not so easy in China. Here, these devices virtually nowhere.

In stores "7-11"

Let's start with a critical situation when replenished via the Internet is not possible, and you find yourself face to face with the harsh reality of China. It turns out you can refill at the cash registers of these stores, distributed in all major cities in China. You can try your luck in the other chain stores 24 hours

A Card

Old-fashioned way, but many people still use it. Cards can be bought at newspaper kiosks and shops where repairing and selling mobile phones. We collect a specified number. Enter the password. Hooray - account credited. The card itself sounds 充值 卡 - chong zhi ka, and recharge the phone 充值 电话 chong zhi dian hua


Few people know, but you can fill up the phone and through the Chinese voice messenger vichat. Go to the tab "I" (in Russian it is called so) - Connects to vichatu his bank card. Next, find the function recharge the phone - you're done!


In Beijing, many stores installed machines Lakala - there is also a function of recharge phone - though in Chinese.


On the home page Taobao also is a function of the phone recharge.

Online Bank

You can fill up and through online banking. You need to look at your personal account page "other services" - which include including telephone.


Many ATMs can recharge the phone account balance. Convenience is also that they are open 24 hours a day.!
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