Buses, bicycles in Italy

Buses, bicycles in Italy

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New product "all inclusive" will be launched on the market in September. Italians are eagerly awaiting his arrival, because, according to statistics, every day in Italy stealing about a thousand bikes.

320,000 bikes a year, about a thousand a day - impressive statistics theft. Bicycles, especially in large cities, are desirable prey for thieves. Italians lose about 150 million euros per year, according to the police, despite the fact that many people do not report the theft. After analyzing the transport market, the Italian company Milano Bike, registered an important trend: bicycles sold in Italy better than cars. Thus was born the idea of ​​creating the first bicycle with integrated anti-theft system and insurance included in the price. The company presented its idea July 11 at the Center for Innovation in Asolo (Treviso), announcing that an agreement with a major insurance company will be signed in the coming days. "We are so confident in our inability to steal a bike, - says its creator Matteo Diego Caldirola - that insurance is included in the price of the product."

Same functions as a new bike?

"Security system - explains Caldiroli, - integrated under the bicycle frame in the center of the rear wheel. When a thief wants to steal a bike, he should cut the frame. And since the purpose of theft, typically, is to sell a stolen bicycle, the fraudster loses motivation. Moreover, system has a key with a 6-digit ID number. key code printed on the frame with perforation, in electronic form. If you want to repair a bicycle or get insurance, you must have a key or code "

  Frameblock - so called bike with built-in protection mechanisms - will go on sale in September, its price will be between 700 and 800 euros.
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Re: Buses, bicycles in Italy

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Taxis in Rome

Taxis in Rome presented the official taxi cab drivers, private traders (not recommended to use the services of the latter, as the quality and cost of the trip can not be predicted).
Features taxi in Rome

If you wish, you can order a taxi by phone, for example, using the services of the following companies:

Assotaxi: + (3906) 6645;
Taxi 6645 + (3906) 66-45;
Samarcanda: + (3906) 5551, 552-82-813.

It's worth noting that calling a taxi, you will have to pay a distance which overcomes the driver, getting to you, so in order to save costs to call a taxi, located as close as possible to you.

On the street to catch a taxi is not accepted - you can find them at many parking (use the services of the official, white or yellow taxi with the company logo and have a sign on the roof of the burning), for example, the Colosseum, Villa Borghese, Trevi Fountain, Piazza della Repubblica ...

Most taxi drivers do not speak English, so it is advisable to carry a business card of the hotel where you are staying.

If suddenly you see nearby taxi ranks or get lost, you can call a taxi by sending sms-message (through the gaps in it should be reflected information indicating the name of the city, street and house number) to the number 393666730000.

As soon as the order is processed, you will receive a message with a password-name of your order that you want to show the driver pulled up to the challenge.
The cost of a taxi in Rome

Every traveler, vacationer in the capital of Italy, asks: "How much is a taxi in Rome?" You should focus on the following information:

calling a taxi by phone, you pay 3-3.5 euros;
landing + the first 3 kilometers you will be asked to pay 08.07 euros;
charge: each subsequent kilometers costs 1 euro supplement for 5 passengers is 1 euro and 1 room for luggage costs 1 euro;
nightly rates more expensive day by 30%;
for single women traveling in a taxi at night, enjoy a 10% discount (do not forget to remind);
if movement is difficult because of traffic jams, and taxis will move slower than 20 km / h, pay the fare will be carried out by a special price (27 euros / hour).

If you are going to travel by taxi within the city, then you should not take more than 70 euros (the maximum amount inclusive of all surcharges, which can take a passenger taxi drivers).

Note that if you plan to travel outside of the city by taxi, in this case will act special rate, exceeding the city almost 2-fold (urban rate is reflected on the counter number 1, and a special - figure 2).

Since taxis in Rome - it's pretty expensive, in order to save should not resort to their services if you need to overcome the small distance.
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Taxi in Milan

Official taxis in Milan - cars, painted in white, with a burning sign on the roof and a sign "Servizio Pubblico".

Milan taxi services are not cheap, but sometimes a taxi is the only way to get to your destination, which does not go to public transport.
Features taxi in Milan

Catch a taxi on the streets of Milan is not accepted (it is not safe and more expensive) - on his quest is advisable to go for special parking or order it by phone.

Ordering a car over the phone (in this case, you should be prepared to pay idle run - a distance which overcomes the driver, getting to you, so profitable to go for a taxi to the parking lot), you dictate the ID-number of a taxi (it's written on the door of a car), which be picked up. You may find useful the following phone number: + (39 347) 825-74-40; + (39 02) 344-000.

You, as a tourist, it is necessary to insist on the inclusion of the counter (drivers do not like to use it) - in this case the trip will be cheaper.

If desired, you can use such a service as renting a car with driver (provided mostly business class cars of different colors, with the inscription on the back license plate NCC) - as fixed prices for this service is not present, the driver and passenger can always agree.
Taxi fare in Milan

If you are interested in, how much is a taxi in Milan, it is advisable to familiarize you with the rates:

ordering a taxi by phone, it is worth considering that you pay for the call 2 euros;
planting and the first 3 km will cost about 6 euros and subsequent will be charged at the price of 1 euro / 1 km (breaking the 10km path, the next will be paid at the rate of 1.6 euro / 1 km);
nightly rates (from 22:00 to 06:00) more expensive day by 30%, but single women to move around in a taxi at that time of the day, enjoy a 10% discount (this should remind the driver);
Baggage will have to pay 1 euro an hour waiting - 27 euros, 13 seconds of waiting - 0.10 euros.

If you are interested in travel expenses by credit card, it is worth considering that not all taxis offer this service - it is worth asking the driver before boarding or tell the dispatcher when ordering a taxi on the phone that you are interested in a taxi with the ability to pay by credit card.

Tip: always with you need to have a little money, because taxi drivers strive to keep the change, if the customer has large bills (with respect to the tip, the taxi drivers decided to leave Milan for "tea" 0.5-1 euros). Moreover, in order not to be deceived, the taxi driver can not hesitate to request a written list with the prices.

Using the services of a taxi in Milan, you will not have to think about time in transit: Milan drivers are true professionals, able in a short time to bring you to any destination.
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Taxis in Naples

Official taxis in Naples - a white car, equipped with taximeter (on car doors are the symbol of the city - Pulcinella).
Taxi Services in Naples

You can take a taxi immediately after arriving at the airport (they are parking in front of the arrival terminal) - local drivers willing to take you to the city center as well as to any hotel and even in one of the surrounding towns. And in advance by ordering online on transfer from the airport to your desired destination, after placing the order you will be informed of the exact cost of the service. While vacationing in Naples, take a free car can be parked fitted next to the main square and attractions.

All who wish to request a feeding machine can implement his plan, turned into one of the taxi companies: Consortaxi: 081 20 20 20; Taxi Napoli: 081 556 44 44; La Partenope: 081556 February 2; Cotana: 081 570 70 70.
The cost of a taxi in Naples

"How much is a taxi in Naples?" - A question asked by many guests of the Italian city. Orient in prices by viewing the data reflected in their current rates:

Planting costs to passengers in 3-5,5evro;
one overcome kilometers charged at the price of EUR 0.8-1;
when ordering a taxi by phone on weekends and holidays to the cost of your travel will be added to 1.6 euros;
extra charge for baggage will be € 0.50 / 1 place, and for the transport of pet you will be charged a fee of € 2.

In addition, if you sit in a car designed to carry more passengers than 5, then 4 and then the person will have to pay 1 euro.

During the trip to the city you will pay at least 4.20 euros and, for example, a trip in the "Central Railway / Train Station - Airport" will cost 18 euros, and in the "Town Hall Square - the National Museum of Capodimonte" - 12 euros .

Payment on the meter reading is not always easy (drivers often carry tourists circles, winding counter in order to increase the fare) - is often advantageous to use taxi services operating system preinstalled tariffs (price list with the prices in the official taxi reflected in several languages ​​- Spanish, Italian , English, French), relating to popular destinations (port, airport, railway station). In this case, voice direction in which you are going to go, and then say "tariffa pre determinata".

In Naples, especially in the historic city center, located a lot of attractions (in the city is about 450 churches and temples), to get to where it is most convenient for the local taxi.
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Re: Buses, bicycles in Italy

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Taxi in Venice

Taxi in Venice is not very popular, but it is convenient to get to the mainland suburbs and to Marco Polo Airport.
Taxi Services in Venice

If you wish to have you filed a machine, contact, for example, in "Radio Taxi Venezia e Mestre" (phone: 041 59 64). The park of the company is about 120 vehicles equipped with air conditioning: among them are vans that can accommodate up to 8 passengers, as well as machines, designed for the carriage of persons with disabilities.

You may want to consult a Cab Company "Venice Airport Service": + 39 3351 727 020 (here ready to provide its services with cars, buses and minibuses).
A water taxi in Venice

As a city built on water, Venice is convenient to travel by water transport. For example, a water taxi ride through the canals of Venice, and it can act as a shuttle from the airport to the hotel where you stop for a rest, and in the opposite direction. In addition, the water taxi can take a sightseeing trip to Murano or Burano.

All this is very attractive, can not be said about the price: travel by water taxi costs about 55-90 euros. In addition, during the night (22: 00-07: 00) on the trip will cost 10 euros more expensive. Parking of taxis you will find around the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.

Services are provided by water taxi engaged companies such as Venice Water Taxi (+ 30 0415 220 040), Cooperativa Taxi Serenissima (+ 39 0415 221 265), Consorzio Venezia Motoscafi (at its disposal are 100 boats, taxis, and associated with this service can be on + 39 0415 222 303). If you wish, you can order a water limousine on + 39 0415 019 442.
The cost of a taxi in Venice

Find out how much a taxi in Venice, will help acquaintance with the following information:

landing you will be asked to pay 3.2 (afternoon) - 6.4 (at night) euros;
cost of 1 km is surmounted 1.60 euros (when moving over a distance of 50 km, 1 km will be calculated on the price of 2 euros);
for the luggage to do a supplement of 1 euro.

On average, the trip from the airport to Piazzale Roma costs 30 euros, and a water taxi - 90-100 euros. In any case, the approximate fare should be clarified before setting off.

Venice you can travel on foot, by vaporetto (water bus), taxis and water taxis, as well as a ride on a gondola (40-minute gondola ride costs about 90 euros and does not depend on the number of passengers that this sum is divided by all passengers, and they should not be more than 6 people).
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