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Re: Unusual transport

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Pulsing to the beat of heartbeat car Lexus Australia - VIDEO

Lexus Australia introduced a concept car that is able to light up in time with the heartbeat of the driver. It was used to demonstrate the compartment RC-F. The car covered with a special paint with phosphorescent components that light up when voltage is applied.

To car light in accordance with the frequency of the pulse, the driver must be attached to the sensor body. Practical application of the system is unlikely to be. Demonstration - it is rather a successful marketing ploy. According to the Lexus, the concept was created in order to "show the driver when controlling emotions RC F».

Creating a "machine with a heartbeat" engineers took about six months. The car is there in one copy and is unlikely to soon be on the roads.
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Re: Unusual transport

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First flight of high-altitude glider - VIDEO

Airbus has announced its first flight glider called Perlan II. Tests conducted over the airport in Redmond, Oregon, have been found to be successful. The glider climbed to a height of 1.5 thous. M. In 2016 from the territory of the Argentine unit without the engine will have to make his historic flight, rising to a height of 27.4 thous. M. In the future, these gliders are used for scientific research and carrying out meteorological observations. The project is supported by Weather Extreme, United Technologies, and BRS Aerospace. The glider is controlled by two pilots. It rises in the air by the aircraft at a certain height which releases the machine. Perlan 2 can reach the stratosphere because of air flow over certain mountainous regions located near the north and south poles. In the future, the glider will have to set a record, rising to a height of 27.4 thous. M, which is higher than the ceiling of reconnaissance planes, U-2 and SR-71. Despite the fact that the glider is not the engine speed in the stratosphere will be more than 640 km / h. Air density at a height 50 times less than at sea level. Pilots will be breathing through an oxygen mask.
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