Kids in Malaysia

Kids in Malaysia

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Kids in Malaysia

Holidays in Malaysia calm and unhurried. Great for families with children. Malaysia is famous for its pristine beauty and rich cultural heritage. Here, white beaches stretch for 4,800 kilometers two hundred offshore islands. This is a great place to get close to nature, to inculcate a child the love and respect for her. Going on almost any tour, you will meet your baby with a wealth of exotic flora of the world, show the natural habitat of many animals and birds, which can pet and feed from your hand!

Guided tours for children in Kuala Lumpur:

Bird Park (Bird Park)

Bird Park is located across the street from the Garden of orchids. Under a vast network gathers many species of birds from around the world. For them, created conditions similar to those in which they live in the wild. Here you can see the hornbill of Sarawak, rare forest dwellers and predators. The park is open from 9.00 to 17.00 daily.

Butterfly Park (Butterfly Park)

Up Butterfly Park are within walking distance from the Garden of orchids and bird park. His multicolored create more than 6,000 butterflies, belonging to 120 species. Hours: 9:00 to 18:00 every day.

Deer Park (Deer Park)

The park is arranged on a hillside where tame deer roam freely, including tiny deer-Kanchi. Guests are allowed to communicate with these cute animals. You can come here every day from 9.00 to 17.00.

State Planetarium (National Planetarium)

The Planetarium is located on a hill, in the territory of the Lake Park, just outside the National Mosque, deer and bird park. Facilities within the complex include Planetarium Space Theater, space science exhibitions, information center, gallery and park sightseeing ancient observatories. On two screens Theatre demonstrates space science shows and movies about space. Here there is an observatory with a 14-inch telescope. Hours Planetarium - from 10.00 to 17.00 from Wednesday to Saturday.

Garden Orchid Garden and Hibiscus (Orchid Garden and Hibiscus Garden)

Near the park Taman Tasik Perdana is the orchid garden, where there are more than 800 kinds of exotic flowers, including rare. Orchids can be purchased. Nearby is a garden of hibiscus, which are raging all shades of colors to more than 500 species of this plant with thin, like paper flower petals.

Opening hours: from 9.00 to 17.00 daily. Admission is free, except for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Waterpark "Sunway Lagoon" (Sunway Lagoon Park)

Fun is stay in the entertainment complex "Sunway Lagoon" hitting where you unwittingly transported to Egypt. Exciting attractions, the "real" surf, stunning water slides and entertainment will bring you a lot of fun. In addition, you will have the opportunity to visit ultra-modern shopping center "Pyramid» (Sunway Pyramid), the center of which is a real ice skating rink!

National Zoo (National Zoo)

13 km from the center of Kuala Lumpur is the National Zoo, which collected more than 200 species of wildlife. The aquarium is home for about 80 different species of fish and marine animals. This tour is ideal for children and lovers of nature. Staff Zoological Park takes care of its inhabitants with love and due care. This entertaining tour - an opportunity to have a good time with the whole family.

Akvanarium CLASS

In Akvanariume has a glass tunnel whose length is 90 meters. Behind the glass tunnel along its entire length, directly over your head free to move the inhabitants of the deep sea. Go through the tunnel - it's like to visit the depths of the ocean! In Akvanariume presented more than 5,000 species of flora and fauna, as well as, for the first time in Southeast Asia, tiger sharks. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in feeding the fish and get information about their evolution. To get to the "depths of the ocean" dy can by buying in our company a city tour, which includes visits to Akvanariuma proof grade.

Mountain resort Theme Park Genting Highlands

The main attraction Genting Haylandz considered two amusement park Theme Parks, indoor and outdoor, offers more than 50 different attractions with the use of new technologies. In an open park water slides side by side with a dizzying "American" and a cheerful carousel rises above an artificial lake. In a closed park you can dive into the exciting world of the latest computer games. You can also take a boat trip on the lake, horse farm, riding lessons. In the Theme Parks and the famous attraction is Sky Venture - in the air stream, in which you jump, recreates the effect of weightlessness. They say that this attraction is used as a simulator, many skydivers.

Excursions on the island of Langkawi

Crocodile Farm

You will see more than 1,000 different species of crocodiles in the wild, gathered from around the world. It also arrange entertaining show featuring crocodile "stars."

Marine Park Pulau Paillard (6-8 hours) - Marine Park Pulau Paillard is 35 km from the islands of Langkawi and Penang from - about 75 km. The water around Pulau Paillard not just crystal clear, it is also the purest in the Malacca Strait. Here thrive dozens of species of coral, fish, shrimp, hermit crabs and lobsters.

For tourists directly at the island installed floating platform. You can dive right off the platform in the sea, snorkel / mask, diving or swimming around Paillard on glass-bottom boat. At the bottom of the platform mounted portholes, which can look at the strange fish. But fishing is prohibited!

Underwater World Oceanarium

Considered to be one of the largest in Asia. Located on the popular Pantai jenang. Fascinating collection of 5000 representatives of fresh and marine waters. Of fifteen tunnel allows the viewer to walk, watching the life of the underwater world in an almost natural conditions. Nearby fast food places and shopping malls, so attractive to tourists.

Excursions on the island of Penang

Temple of snakes

Built in 1850, the church was intended for a Buddhist priest Chor Soo Kong. In folklore it preserves the history of what this priest had incredible healing power. When his mission ended, a lot of jungle snakes moved into the temple, and until now they live there. Visitors can get an unforgettable experience, photographed with snakes entwined their shoulders and neck.

Botanical Gardens

Surrounded by scenic waterfalls in 1884, the British superintendent started collecting rare plants and various kinds of spices. Since then, this place has become a rich collection of the world. Now it's 30 acres of tropical gardens, filled with aromas of herbs, scurrying monkeys and bright colors of flowers.

Penang Bird Park

It occupies 5 acres in Seberang Jaya. More than 200 species of tropical birds collected in the collection worthy of attention. Man creates artificial islands, spacious cages, special landscape designs of flowers, a collection of orchids and hibiscus - all to its inhabitants feel at home in the environment.

Butterfly Farm

First exhibition of live butterflies is located in Teluk Bahang. More than 150 species of amazing butterflies and other insects are presented in their natural habitat. Parks stones, small waterfalls, meeting lilies - all that immerses you into the realm of peace and beauty. The farm is also a nursery, where up to 5,000 butterflies are simultaneously in spacious enclosures.

Penang Hill

If you want a bird's eye look over the island, climb the mountain by cable car.!
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