Treatment in Malaysia

Treatment in Malaysia

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Treatment in Malaysia

Malaysia - a beautiful country in Southeast Asia, half of which is located on the Malay Peninsula, and the second - in the north of the island of Borneo.

Tourism - one of the main sources of income Malay treasury.

Each year, Malaysia attracts millions of foreigners, among them tens of thousands of medical tourists.

In general, any trip to this exotic country long remembered European or American tourists. Modern Malaysia is a mix of natural beauty, new technology and the ultimate in luxury. The country's capital Kuala Lumpur is replete with chic shopping malls and office towers, and its neighboring province - a rice field and impenetrable tropical jungle.

The rapid growth of Malaysian medical tourism due to the development of infrastructure and the creation of high-tech hospitals, which by their terms are not inferior to Western competitors. High-tech plus low prices - that's the formula for success of local medicine. Malaysia has been established at a decent level of training of medical personnel, without which quality treatment and care.

The issues of medical tourism in Malaysia is responsible for the Ministry of Health, and the promotion of a local hospital in the international market of medical services - Medical Tourism Council of Malaysia (Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, MHTC).

Why Malaysia?
Let's try to list the positive aspects that appeal to a small Asian country thousands of patients from developed countries, where there is its excellent health:

Great quality for low price

Malaysia - a favorite place for the treatment of tourists from the United States and Britain. The growing cost of health care in these countries has led many patients to seek an inexpensive alternative, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures or complex elective (optional, that is not covered by insurance) procedures.

High-tech medical centers

Hard to believe, but health in Malaysia is so well developed that the country already ranks in the top 5 destinations for medical tourism in the world. There is a strong network of modern hospitals and clinics, which are the envy of many Western competitors. One has only to recall the Prince Court Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur, which in 2013 was recognized MTQUA №1 among hospitals for medical tourists.

Malay hospitals offer medical tourists a full range of diagnostic and treatment services, but traditionally high demand for dentistry, cardiac surgery, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery. Foreigners receive quality treatment, comfortable accommodation, the whole package of additional services - all for an incredibly low (by Western standards) price.

Malaysia is also a very popular destination for patients who treat infertility. In addition to modern scientific methods of therapy, the local medicine allows you to try unusual approaches: Unani, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine. Alternative methods of particular interest to those patients who are scientific medicine can not offer a lot.

The presence of highly qualified personnel

You ask, and Malaysia could serve thousands of American patients if qualified local doctors caused the slightest doubt? Of course, no. Most of the Malaysian doctors who work with foreigners, receive certificates abroad, including the prestigious US universities. This training not only makes them the best of the best, but also introduces the different cultures, learn to communicate with foreigners and, of course, gives an excellent knowledge of foreign languages.

The absence of language barriers

English, a recognized international language in multicultural Malaysia is very common. If you own at least basic conversational English, you have to be much easier to communicate with the staff. Of course, if you own only the Russian, then in the majority of foreign clinics without an interpreter on the registry, you will not pass. But in any major medical centers Malaysia surcharge translation services are available.

Fast service and no queues

In hospitals, Malaysia, there is usually no need to be recorded in a long queue for a particular procedure. Beds and specialists are scarce and registration system works like a Swiss watch, so you can ask to put you at any time. Hospitalization, tests and procedures - are all carried out very quickly, in the most convenient schedule for you. This allows many patients during the holidays is not only to heal, but also to relax on the local beaches.

Opportunities for rehabilitation

Malaysia Medical centers that accept foreign patients can offer their own programs of rest and rehabilitation. Thus patients will be in close proximity to its hospitals and doctors can monitor their condition.

Tourist Paradise

Malaysia offers visitors hundreds of exotic places that simply can not see. Countless historical temples and palaces, pristine beaches, tropical jungles, mountains ... Themselves medical centers in Malaysia, as a rule, are located in quiet and safe area. The crime rate in this country is extremely low, and people are very friendly and hospitable. High social and economic stability and literacy distinguish Malaysia from several other countries in South Asia.


The country's capital Kuala Lumpur is connected to almost all corners of the globe scheduled flights. Malaysia has agreements with many countries to facilitate the stay of foreigners in this country resort. For example, travelers from most Western countries may have upon arrival in Malaysia is easy to get 3-month visa, not engaging in formalities in advance. With the letter from the medical center, confirming your intention to be treated in the country, you can obtain a special visa for 6 months.
System of Health Malaysia
In Malaysia, a lot of hospitals with accredited international organization JCI (Joint Commission International). At the national level, guarantee quality of service is the accreditation of the Malay Society for Quality of Health (Malaysian Society for Quality in Health, MSQH).

Treatment in Malaysia

The Ministry of Health of Malaysia is working on the development of new medical services and monitors the quality of all that is related to medical tourism. According to the Law "On health care" in 1998, all hospitals are very strict test before they are given a license. Malaysia is well developed and public and private health sector.

Malaysia Medical Tourism Council today selected the more than three dozen of the best private hospitals and clinics in the country that promote the international market of medical tourism. To support the national health sector, the government has launched a special website (, which lists the best health centers, hospitals, medical centers for foreign tourists.!
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