The season in Malaysia

The season in Malaysia

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The season in Malaysia

Holiday season in Malaysia lasts throughout the year: there is always humid and hot, and the seasons differ in the amount of precipitation. For example, on the east coast, the islands of Tioman and Redang November-March is accompanied by torrential rains and strong winds, and on the west coast with the islands of Penang and Langkawi at this time is quiet and sunny weather. It should be noted that regardless of the season and the area in the country is always the possibility of short rain showers.
The tourist season in Malaysia

When is the best time to visit the various Malaysian resorts?

West Coast: to gather in the western parts of the country it is expedient in November and February (dry season). At this time, you can safely go on trips without worrying about how you have an umbrella or not. But in any case, here all year round there is hot and humid weather, so here it is not necessary to go the elderly and people suffering from heart disease.
East Coast: the region is best to go in May and September (+ 26-32 degrees) - at this time, and if it rains, they do not affect the temperature of the air.
Mountains: in the mountain areas you can escape from the coastal heat (+ 20-25 day here, and at night - 10 degrees). When planning a vacation in the mountains, it is worth considering that precipitation falls more often here than on the coast (it rains all year, but not in certain months).

Beach season in Malaysia

The most popular beach holiday in March and September.

Escape from the city on the island of Langkawi, you can (there is a deep rivers, numerous waterfalls, buffalo and crocodile farms, fruit plantations, the aquarium), which brought glory Pantai tent and Tanjung Rhu and the bay date and Cenang Pantai.

Holiday on the island of Penang will give you crystal clear water, white sand beaches, small caves, which are fenced off from the outside world huge boulders. For the rest it is advisable to choose the most famous resort coast - Batu Ferringhi, famous for its comfortable hotels, restaurants, beaches and entertainment.

The best time for diving is from April to October.

Ideal for diving island of Langkawi, Tioman, Sipadan, Labuan, Redang. Thus, the underwater world of the island of Sipadan presented stingrays, gobies, sea turtles, barracudas, as well as unique coral gardens (foloyzy, soft, hard, needle and corals). And the underwater world of the island of Labuan will give you the opportunity to see the remains of sunken ships lying at a depth of 30-35 meters (the top is 8-12 m depth). In May and October, you can go to Tioman Island, where you will meet marine life such as parrotfish, aggressive fish anemone, various neon coral fish. In addition, this place is perfect for taking pictures underwater.

Malaysia will meet you at luxury hotels, pristine nature, interesting excursions, opportunities for beach and recreation.!
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