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Before the New Year all Internet littered with offerings of holiday resorts in the world, among the most promising and best called Thailand, Bali, UAE, Vietnam.
Even became offensively, which is not named Hainan Island and its resort capital -Sanya! But in Hainan Island locate one of the best sandy beaches and warm and clean sea water, there are no sharks and other dangerous creatures. In the Sanya create all the conditions for a better holiday in the world! Almost daily held international events, which will not wait for the other resorts of the world!
It may be objected, that in the Sanya absolutely wild prices on the New Year holiday and there will be too expensive, but I can answer, what your rest in the Sanya will be very expensive, if you use the services of any travel agencies and tour guides, however, to rest well and the maximum cheap, must fulfill a number of rules, namely:
Rule number 1: DO NOT USE any guides and travel agencies!
Buy all the goods and services on their own!

If you buy a tour to Hainan Island in the travel agencies, then in Sanya airport you will meet a cheerful team of local guides, who all day, throughout your holiday, will you persistently and tirelessly encouraged to attend tours and local factories and shops, and they always say that their services are absolutely free and helps you they are solely of the kind of altruistic motives. But the point is that- the price of their services laid down in the price of goods that you buy, and the percentage mark-up can reach hundreds of percent. If you want have only pleasant experiencein the Sanya City, to perform the following:
Rule number 2: Never forget rule number 1!
So, in order to spend holidays in the Hainan Island, full of positive emotions, you must own:
1.Buy the ticket to Hainan Island
Depending on the city, where you are, prices can be different, but the prices of Europe and US cities to the resorts of Hainan (Sanya), resorts in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia are almost identical.
2.Rent apartment in the Sanya.
You can book a hotel, but hotel prices rise on New Year's Eve, in addition, the apartment has the most important benefit-IN THE APARTMENT YOU CAN COOK FOOD!
On New Year's possible to rent an apartment from the Chinese hosts in Sanya at the rate of 50-100 yuan(RMB) per day.
Products can be purchased at local markets or in supermarkets.
Calculate the cost per day for self-catering prices on December 24, 2010:
-one whole duck (2 kg) -30 yuan(RMB);
-one whole chicken (2 kg) -30 yuan;
-Pork (tenderloin) -25-30 yuan/kg;
-1kg seafood (shrimp, 40 yuan / kg, fish from 10 yuan per kg, etc.)
-Vegetables-set (1 kg potatoes 1 kg tomatoes 1 kg cucumbers + lettuce, onions, etc, not more than 20 yuan per 4 kg of this vegetable collection);
-Fruit (apples-8 yuan per kg, bananas, 5 yuan per kg, rambutan, 10 yuan per kg, and others, from 5 to 30 yuan per kg, 50 yuan for the whole fruit per day for a family of three (two adult and child) will be enough.
Total obtain the minimum cost of 10 days of the New Year holiday in the Sanya for a family of three people (total for all):
-Accommodation-private apartment = 10x60 = 600 RMB + utilities (not more than 100 yuan) = 700 yuan for 10 days;
-Food is much better, than you get at hotels and local restaurants, the total amount = (30 +30 +40 +20 +50) x10 = 1700 yuan for 10 days;
-Beaches and swimming in the sea-FREE!

TOTAL FOR 10 DAYS family of three people are needed only 2,400 yuan (350 U.S. dollars!) for $ 350, your family can eat well, live a normal life in a clean apartment with all amenities and appliances all 10 days of his stay in Sanya, Hainan!
Similar rates in the Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, will cost for you much more!
I note, that self-catering in over 170 yuan per day, under conditions of self-catering and self-purchase of products is extremely good food, for the same meals at local restaurants and hotels you have to pay not less than 500 yuan a day.
Of course somebody can say: How can we buy their own products if we do not know Chinese and want to learn it?
I reply: to buy something in Sanya need three things:
1.Remember one single phrase in Chinese-Dzhiga do sha chen? (How much does it cost?)
2.Take a paper and pencil or a calculator and go to shopping.
3.In the store or on the market show on the desired product, say Dzhiga do sha chen? And you receive the price without any problems!
Everything! The international process of sale is running! With this simple circuit you will be able buy everything, what you need in Hainan Island!


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Cheapest Seafood market in Sanya, Hainan Island, China: the video tour, address on map, bus
Tuesday, 13 March 2012 10:54 ... sanya.html reported constantly, that the resorts of Hainan Island is one of the cheapest resorts in the world, but we have received many letters, in which travelers have written about that, trusting us, they came to rest on the Hainan Island, and faced with incredibly inflated prices for many goods and services in hotels, attractions and shops. Should be noted, that the is the only website on the Internet, which offers only a self-guided tours on resorts of Hainan Island, without any guides and without intermediaries. Since intermediaries only increase of tourists spending and nothing more, if you use intermediaries, then your vacation will cost for you far more, than in the case of self-guided tours. At the resorts of Hainan Island and Sanya City you can relax for a lesser amount, than cost the holiday in Bali, Thailand and other resorts in the world, but for this you must do not use a services of intermediaries. As we already wrote, in Chinese and Hainanese media still does not subside the scandal about inflated prices for Chinese tourists in Sanya, we monitored this situation and noticed one important feature- Chinese and Hainanese media are angered by over-prices for Chinese tourists, but no one media is not angered by over-prices for foreign tourists, on the contrary, that for Chinese tourists is considered as unacceptable, for foreign tourists is considered as the norm, because of this, most foreign tourists greatly overcharged when purchasing of goods and services on the island of Hainan, and many foreign tourists will not come back to rest on the island of Hainan. We have repeatedly raised this issue with the Tourism Authority of Sanya and Hainan Island, but they still continue to work exclusively with the travel agencies, so that is not of our fault, that the tourists are faced with overpriced, when they use the services of intermediaries. We assure of all tourists on the island of Hainan- is possible the inexpensive holiday on the Hainan Island! One of the biggest problems for foreign tourists on the island of Hainan is a regular problem with the quality food, as most hotels of Hainan Island and Sanya City do not offer "All Inclusive System", and in most cases the breakfast only, but in other time the hotel restaurants offer food at prices, corresponding to the prices in expensive restaurants in London and New York, especially foreign tourists are outraged of overpriced for seafood. But in Sanya you can buy fresh seafood at such a low price, that you never find either in Bali or Thailand, if you go to the cheapest Seafood market in the city of Sanya, where the seafood are selling by the fishermens. In this market, from 6.30 to 8.30 am you can buy seafood at prices. that almost in two times lower, than the prices of all other markets of the city of Sanya! For example, the fish is sold at a price of U.S. $ 1 per kilogram, shrimp from 3 U.S. dollars per kilogram. Have you seen such low prices in the other countries of the world? Of course, many tourists are asked, as they will be able to cook seafood in hotels, but we will respond- as well as do the Chinese tourists, which buy an electric stove and cook in hotels, but you must to fulfill a safety regulations. In the department store "Minzhu" you can buy an electric stove for 250-300 yuan (U.S. $ 50), together with a set of pots and pans, we remind, that in the department store "Minzhu" is located a 5D cinema, which is the only place of entertainment in the city of Sanya for children and adults (the address of the department store "Minzhu" can be viewed at the topic of 5D cinema on our forum or by clicking on the link, which is located on the left of any page). For some people the idea about preparing of food in Sanya City is very funny, but true of holiday on the island of Hainan lies in the fact, that only in this way the holiday in Sanya City can be cheaper, then holiday in Bali, Thailand and other resorts around the world. We have repeatedly told for the representatives of hotel infrastructure of Hainan Island about this, but it seems, that they will not want to cut prices, thus, if you want to eat of kilograms of seafood every day during the holidays on the Hainan Island -cook them themselves! Address of the cheapest Sanya Seafood market is shown on Chinese on the map at the top of this article- just show it to any taxi driver in the city of Sanya. The nearest bus stop is a stop of Bus№11 - the name of bus stop in the Chinese language and the bus№11 route is shown on a map at the top of this article- just show it to conductor of bus№11 and he will tell you, where you need to get out. We remind- the self-guided toursl through the website will be the most inexpensive and very informative! Book hotels through the website at the lowest price and come to Hainan Island and Sanya City! Send us your pictures and videos about attractions of Hainan Island and other resorts in the world- it will be posted on our website. THE VIDEO TOUR:!
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