Airports, airline tickets, airlines in India

Airports, airline tickets, airlines in India

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At the airport in New Delhi began selling tickets on the metro

In the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, travelers now have the opportunity to purchase tickets for the subway. According to the company The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), at the first station express subway lines - Airport Metro station - earned rack sales tokens and smart cards. Thus, passengers traveling in Jahangirpuri or HUDA City Centre, will be able to buy tickets for the trip back in the airport.

Previously, passengers had to buy a travel document twice: first on the express train near aviagavanyu, and then directly to the subway station, New Delhi.

"The initiative is aimed at providing faster travel, as well as seamless connections with orange on the other subway lines," - said in a statement DMRC.!
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How to fly from Goa to Moscow?

Goa you have been waiting five-star hotels and cozy bungalows, ocean, sun, magnificent beaches, incendiary parties, diving, tropical plants, a spa and Ayurvedic treatments, cheap shopping, but now it's time to fly home, so the question is: "How to fly from Goa to Moscow? "surely relevant to you as ever.
How to fly from Goa to Moscow on a direct flight?

As soon as the tourist season (end of October - end of March), to fly to Moscow from Goa (distance between cities - about 5,500 km) can be a direct flight, leaving the road will take about 7.5 hours (flight duration may vary slightly, since It is influenced by weather conditions and the direction of air flow).

The most expensive tickets sold in December, February and April, and at a reasonable prices - in November, July and August.
Flight Goa - Moscow with transfer

At the end of the tourist season to fly from Goa to Moscow is possible only with a change and, therefore, in this case, your air travel will be longer.

If you do transplant (via Abu Dubi, Mumbai, New Delhi and other cities), the flight may take 11 to 25 hours, but the shortest flight - a flight with one transfer in Doha (it takes about 10.5 hours).
If you fly via Frankfurt, flight to Goa will take more than 13 hours. And if you fly across Mumbai, you will make an additional transplant in Dubai. In this case, the duration of the flight may be more than 18 hours.

Select an airline

From Goa to Moscow following airlines fly planes (here you can fly both charter and scheduled flights on board Russian and foreign air carriers): "Transaero" and "Aeroflot" (in season, in November and March, these companies carry out flights almost daily); "QatarAirways"; "Air India"; "Jet Airways" and others.

It is worth noting that the flights from Goa to Moscow produced in Dabolim Airport (has two terminals - you need international). Here you need to arrive 3 hours before departure (at the airport, you can come take a taxi or public bus), pass through customs (you will be asked to fill out an exit card "Departure card") and check-in (please note that the registration must be guided not the number of the current flight, and carrier).
What to do in an airplane?

If your flight will be carried out at night, you can sleep peacefully. And not to feel the pressure in your ears, it is advisable to use earplugs.

And during the day flight to do crossword puzzles and read a book or magazine, and decide which of the relatives to bestow figures of deities in bronze, carved souvenirs made of wood, handmade carpets, jewelery, Indian tea and spices, leather gifts and products from papier-mache.!
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How to fly from New Delhi to Moscow?

On vacation in Delhi you can admire the monument "India Gate", Lotus Temple, mosque Jama Masjid, Red Fort, wander through the narrow alleys of the Old City and the special stock markets, tasting Indian cuisine, ride on elephants, conquer the summit of Sikkim, visit the yoga course, immerse yourself in the traditional culture of India and the center of the "India Habitat Centre", have fun in the amusement park "Adventure Island" and the water park "Fun'n'Food Village"? And now you need to get information on the return flight?
How to fly from New Delhi to Moscow on a direct flight?

The capital of India is remote from the Russian capital for more than 4,300 km, which means that the air you have to spend about 6 hours.
On board the aircraft "Air India" you will spend a little less than 6 hours (landing in "Domodedovo"), "Aeroflot" - 6 hours 15 minutes (arriving in "Sheremetyevo"), "Transaero" - 6 hours 10 minutes (landing in "Vnukovo ").
Calculating your holiday budget will place him airfare Delhi-Moscow in the amount of 15600-18400 rubles (relatively inexpensive tickets sold in March, May and June).
Flight Delhi-Moscow with transfers

When docking in Athens, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Istanbul, Zurich and other cities, travelers will have to spend on the road from 10 to 24 hours.
For those interested in connecting flights is to take into account that the transplant in Guangzhou ("China Southern Airlines') to extend its air-travel at 19.5 hours in Dubai (" Jet Airways ") - 20 hours Vantaa (" Finnair ") - 12 hours, in Doha and Istanbul ("Qatar Airways") - 18 hours in Vienna and Munich ("Lufthansa") - 16 hours in Doha and Milan ("Qatar Airways") - 19 hours Bahrain ("Gulf Air") - 12.5 hours, Vantaa and Dusseldorf ("Air Berlin") - 17 hours in Brussels and Warsaw ("Jet Airways") - 18.5 hours, in Vienna (" Austrian Airlines ") - 16.5 hours.
Selection of airlines

Prior to the Russian capital can be reached with the following air carriers (they take you to the Airbus A 330-200, Boeing 737-900, Airbus A 340-600, Boeing 737-900 and other aircraft)
- "Air India";
- "S7 Airlines";
- "Jet Airways";
- "KLM";
- "Gulf Air".
Check-in Delhi-Moscow passes at the airport Indira Gandhi (DEL), located 20 km from the center of Delhi.
If desired, here you can wrap bags dense protective film (go to the corresponding rack), and then pass them to the storage chamber to light travel throughout the airport before flying home (to move between terminals provided free buses).
If you get hungry, you will be free to visit the cafes and restaurants, and if you are interested in shopping, at your service - shops, including duty-free shopping.
In addition, the airport has ATMs, currency exchange offices, waiting rooms of different levels of comfort.
What to do in an airplane?

In flight, it is worth thinking about how someone close to you to present a memento of your trip to Delhi souvenirs in the form of jewelry made of gold and silver, Indian spices, teas, essential oils, Indian rum Old Monk, woolen and silk products, saris, national musical instruments, figurines idols, electronics, medicine, natural-based cosmetics brands "Himalaya" and "Swati".!
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Airports in India

Air traffic - a very popular way to travel to India for foreign tourists and the local residents of moderate means. Indian train - entertainment not for the faint of heart, and to move from one city to another through the air prefer all who cherish time and nerves. Airports in India meet all modern safety requirements, and international status is assigned at least ten air harbors of the country.
Russian travelers can take advantage of "Aeroflot", carrying fly daily to Delhi. In Doha, Mumbai and Cochin can be reached with Qatar Airways via Doha. Flights with Emirates Airlines transfer in Dubai have a daily schedule aviatablo airports of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. Travel time in the direct flight of just over 6 hours during docking - 10 hours.
International Airports in India

In addition to the capital to Delhi international status have a few more air gate of the country:

Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport is located 30 kilometers north of the city. International flights it serves Terminal 2, which is accessible from the city by taxi, bus company BEST and trains. Details on the website -
Inbound tourists to the resorts of Goa Dabolim land in the village and can get to the nearby town of Vasco da Gama in a taxi or public transport.
The Kolkata airport Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is 17 km from the center. It receives flights from many Asian countries, and with the city of passenger terminals connected taxis operating on an advance payment on the counters in the arrivals area, and air-conditioned buses. Details about the schedule and the infrastructure available on the website -
The city where the airport is located in Trivandrum, located 16 km from the famous beach resort of Kovalam in Kerala. Get to selected destinations will transfer from the hotel or a taxi that works on a prepaid basis.

Metropolitan area

Airports Authority of India in Delhi named after Indira Gandhi. The city where the airport is located, is called the Palam. It is located 16 km from the center of the Indian capital, and they can be overcome in several ways:

The train from the station to the station Palam, New Delhi is spending at least half an hour on the road.
The most convenient form of transfer - Delhi metro station is located in Terminal 3. Trains depart towards the capital every 15 minutes.
Buses for the city center every half hour.
Taxis are available at the exit of the arrivals area and work on the pre-paid on special racks. Tour price depends on the distance.

Pending departure, passengers can visit the cafes and restaurants, use the services of currency exchange, charge mobile phones and buy souvenirs in the duty free shops.
Airports in India often declare a regime of strict security and the entrance to the terminal building is able to finish only for passengers with hand on a printout of the electronic ticket, and not earlier than 3 hours prior to departure.!
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