Education in the Philippines

Education in the Philippines

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Education in the Philippines
In the Philippines European students are not very popular, but in Asian countries is considered prestigious to study at universities in the Philippines.

Education in the Philippines has the following advantages:

Affordable tuition fees;
High level of education (American model);
The opportunity to study in English;
Ability to pass practice and training in large metropolitan areas of Asia - Manila.

Higher education in the Philippines

For admission to the Philippine university must pass an entrance NSAT-test (National Secondary Achievement Test).

Important: The academic year in Philippine education lasts from June to March.

Do not know where to proceed? Look closely at the University Adamson, College of Law, College of Business Administration. Studying at the University of Adamson, students will learn the various programs (bachelor's, master's and doctoral). Students who show themselves with the best hand will be able to count on a scholarship. Since the University is partnering with leading Philippine companies, many students are there and get a chance to practice employment after graduation.

Many Filipino Institutes provide an opportunity to attend graduate school and study for MBA program (get an education here can be 2-3 times cheaper than in Europe or Hong Kong).
language courses

Opting for learning English, students will be able to combine their studies with leisure and sightseeing.

With regard to the teaching staff, all the teachers - native speakers from New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK.

Filipino language centers offer a variety of programs for both adults and children (vacation and standard courses, business English). In addition, they allow you to combine language acquisition with scuba diving, surfing, golf, trekking.
Work while studying.

Foreign students are allowed to work while studying. They can easily find a job in the tourism business, for example, a guide, a guide, scuba diving instructor (the main condition - good command of the English language and the presence of certain skills).

Getting education in the Philippines, you immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment, be able to combine their studies with leisure in the tropics (warm sea all year round summer, white beaches).!
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