immigration to the Philippines

immigration to the Philippines

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Several arguments in favor of immigration to the Philippines

For many people, the Philippines is a mysterious exotic corners of the world where you can spend a wonderful vacation, but no more. This country is situated on more than 7,100 islands in Southeast Asia, it is not very popular in terms of immigration. And it is in vain!

We offer you some of the arguments in favor of the Philippines - it is a very interesting option for immigration!
Ideal conditions for life ...

There is still a false stereotype, according to which the Philippines are considered a backward country with a poor and uneducated population, urban slums, the lack of a minimum set of facilities. But it has all the attributes needed for a comfortable and peaceful life! Many entertainment venues, shopping malls, excellent cuisine, modern television, transport, internet and other means of communication and communication will not let you feel cut off from the civilized world.

Blue sky, blue sea, gorgeous beaches - a paradise for lovers of diving, sailing and other water activities, or fans of beach holidays! Visit historical sites dating from the unique flora and fauna, marine life, hiking, road, boat trips - on the islands will never be bored. And free time can be devoted to obtaining gastronomic pleasures at local restaurants. After all, the national cuisine is famous for a unique blend of Eastern and Western traditions, as a motley mix of Chinese, Spanish, Indian, Malay, Arabic cuisine.

The friendliness of the locals and the ease of communication

Filipinos - a smiling and friendly people of the country, which recently gained its independence and has no imperial ambitions. And, although here there are natural disasters, and the majority of the population lives modestly, people in the Philippines are very friendly and welcoming. Communication is facilitated by the fact that one of the official languages ​​of the country is English, which owns the vast majority of local residents.

Low cost of living

In the Philippines, two thousand dollars a month will be enough to remove the luxury house, rent a very decent car, walk to restaurants, clubs and fun, great to eat. By the way, you can not deal with any cleaning or washing or gardening or cooking, putting these duties at hired for very little money staff. Very soon you will see that Filipino maids, nannies and cooks knowingly "in demand" around the world.

Quality and affordable medicine

In the Philippines, Western medicine is widespread, and the majority of doctors were educated abroad. However, traditional massage, yoga, acupuncture also cause great confidence in many people, and popular. Any medicine can be purchased at one of the many pharmacies at an affordable price and without a prescription.

No cold and slushy autumn!

The average temperature throughout the year is about 27 degrees Celsius and below this mark falls very rarely. Soft and sub-equatorial monsoon climate with mandatory rainy season, hot and cool periods of the year. Always warm and cozy!!
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