Hotels in Philippines

Hotels in Philippines

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5 Hotels in Philippines
Philippines - a country of bright colors, smiles and incredible hospitality. Perhaps that is why Philippine hotels are among the best in the world. Occupying sometimes entire islands, they are dazzling luxury, service, and the widest range of services. By the way, unlike many countries, Philippine hotels are assessed on their own, higher-level system definition, so even a 4 * apartment can easily be taken for a 5 *.

5 best hotels in Philippines

However, the most luxurious and best hotels in the Philippines is 35 km from the capital of Manila, on the island of Bokaray. Here is a wide selection of 5-star hotels, high level of service and comfort. The huge hotel complexes, equipped with everything necessary for a luxury holiday. Hotel services and facilities provided by cozy rooms, bungalows, SPA-salons, swimming pools, fitness clubs, shops, tennis courts, helipad and a diving school. The average cost of living in hotels located on the island of Bokaray is about $ 250 per day.
5 best hotels Bokarayya

1. Shangrila Boracay Resort-Spa 5 * - this luxurious hotel complex is situated on a secluded hill northwest of the island. The hotel has a private beach, a length of 350 meters, diving school and SPA-Centre CHI Spa. The refined interior Shangrila Boracay Resort-Spa 5 * presented in the national Filipino style, which is especially noticeable in the bungalow of the complex. The hotel's restaurant, located on the picturesque cliff top, visitors will find typical Mediterranean cuisine and stunning views of the ocean.

2. Mandala-Spa 5 * - this is one of the most famous SPA-resorts in Asia. Hotel drowning in luxury tropical gardens, is an ideal place for people who want a break from the bustle of the city. Excellent service and unique wellness attract lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Discoveru Shores Resort 5 * Voracau - located on the banks of the Philippines most famous beach - White Beach. It is here that most like to relax lovers of scuba diving and parasailing. The hotel is famous for its scuba diving training programs and excursions to the open ocean. The territory is decorated in a tropical style and resembles a large bungalow. When you check into a hotel, travelers will be a surprise in the form of a free foot massage and a sweet gift from the chef.

4. Fridays Resort Boracay 5 * - a 34 magnificent bungalows, lost in the cool shade of tropical trees. A distinctive feature of the complex is its complete unity with nature. Each room provides its own luxurious bungalows and a small private beach.

The best hotels in Philippines

5. The District Boracay 5 * - This luxury hotel is surrounded by tropical gardens and a private beach, offers a lot of entertainment services. The hotel has several upscale restaurants, nightclubs and waterparks. The hotel complex is very popular among fans of nocturnal and noisy parties.

Choosing the best hotels in the Philippines, you guarantee yourself a wonderful and unforgettable vacation that will be a real benchmark for the perfect pastime!!
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Review of budget hotels and guesthouses in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Everyone has their own concept of "low-cost" hotel. For some it's $ 50 for someone - 100 ... We are a budget hotel in Asia - is all that is $ 20 cheaper per night. Moreover, it would be good for this price get clean room with air conditioning and a large double bed, and maybe even two. We spent two hours and a train of Puerto Princesa in the search of hotels and guesthouses.

If possible, we do not book the hotels in advance. Too much was the commission of hotel in search engines. You come to the same Agoda, choose a hotel for 600 rubles, and when it comes to paying ... there from somewhere else 200 rubles taxes and other. As for me, so much more honest it would be right to include this amount in the price, so as not to introduce human error.

Review of budget hotels in Puerto Princesa, we have found, I'll start, perhaps, from one of the best options we found. All pictures are opening in big size, after the click.

Brendalie's Guest House

Here we find the biggest room with air conditioning and a private bathroom for 750 pesos ($ 18.75) per day. When talking about the discount, the administrator asked to call the owner personally. So that this room can take and cheaper.

Pros: Two double beds, nice room for a large company or a lowly family. The room has a shower, toilet, air conditioning, wardrobe, free Wi-Fi. The lounge has sofas and a TV. A spacious terrace with dining table.

Cons: It is not in the center, and on one of the minor streets. Tricycle in the city is 09.08 pesos per person, so the lack of a dislocation is not very principled. Walking distance to the center about 15-20 minutes.

Address, phone: 118 Mabini st., Bgy.Maunlad Puerto Princesa City. Owner Brenda B. Factor bodies. + 63-919-254-18-04 and + 63-918-201-61-98

Felix Pension

No less interesting option than the previous one. It has even more advantages. The most important of them - the location. There are many variations available. The cheapest - costs 600 pesos ($ 15) for a room with air conditioning for one. For two - 750 pesos ($ 20). Family room with two beds - 950 pesos.

Pros: Located on the main street of Rizal Avenue only five minutes walk from the waterfront Bay Walk and the Cathedral. It is very important that the guesthouse has a kitchen where you can prepare their own meals. The price includes breakfast and Wi-Fi. Also in the guestbook of laundry.

Cons: The big drawback - the lack of windows in the rooms. But perhaps there are rooms without this shortcoming. A little more strain narrow bed. For example, in a double three with a child already, we can not fit - you need a family room.

Address and phone number: Jarfel Bldg., Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa City, + 63-048-723-18-15

Abelardo's Pension

A small guest house near the main street. I liked the wooden floors. Room for two with air conditioning costs 800 pesos ($ 20) per day. When renting for more than 2 days, you can bargain for a discount. This fan room for two costs 500 pesos ($ 13), although the bathroom and the toilet have to share with the neighbors.

Pros: soundly building the guesthouse is not houses of woven mats. For me it is important, because in the "Braids" fan can not do, really hot. Free Wi-Fi, the city center within walking distance, shady patio with tables where you can dine.

Cons: The room with the fan not have its own shower and toilet.

Address and phone number: 63 D. Manga st., Puerto Princesa city, + 63- 927-421-74-74

Tropical Sun Inn

This is not a guesthouse, and a full hotel positions itself as a budget. Standard room for two is not very large standing here in 1200 pesos per night ($ 30). A little expensive, but when you consider that this price includes airport transfers and breakfast, it turns out quite the budget.

Pros: Hot water in the room, free Wi-Fi, breakfast included in the price, free shuttle service from the airport (by prior arrangement), the presence of the garden, a restaurant located on one of the central streets. The proximity of cafes, shops, market.

Cons: Still, $ 30 a day is not very suitable for the concept of a budget hotel. But if you want an expensive entourage, that is fine.

Address and phone number: 152 Manalo st. Puerto Princesa City, Phone + 63-917-814-56-87, + 63-929-627-30-30. The hotel has its own website, which you can easily find using Google.

White View Paradise Hotel

Located on one of the main streets of the city - Manalo ext. The usual budget hotel. The cost of the lowest priced double with air conditioning - 990 pesos ($ 25), Deluxe - 1090 pesos ($ 27.25).

Pros: good location, hot water, the rooms have a small balcony, parking lot, free shuttle service from the airport and back, a restaurant, a small garden and a laundry service. Owner - Korean, so the breakfast menu you can find kimchi and Korean noodles. We were also told that if necessary you can use the kitchen of the restaurant and cook it yourself.

Cons: As for me as for the price the rooms could be bigger.

Address and phone number: 210 Manalo ext., Puerto Princesa City + 63-916-764-21-44, + 63-048-433-55-26!
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