Education in Vietnam

Education in Vietnam

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Education in Vietnam
Vietnam - a major tourist center, famous for its rich history and culture. Want to come here, those who wish to study in exotic countries.

Getting education in Vietnam has the following advantages:

A wide range of educational programs;
The opportunity to study in English.

Higher Education in Vietnam

To enter the Vietnamese university, you must obtain secondary education and pass an entrance exam. At the end of the Vietnamese student can obtain a Master's degree (2-year training) or Doctor of Philosophy (4-year training).

Higher education can be obtained by studying in colleges and technical institutes. Acquire knowledge in the field of science and technology in the best universities in Ho Chi Minh City, and languages, accounting, business, finance, information technology - in universities in Hanoi.
MBA programs

Get MBA education in Vietnam can be, learning to special programs: After taking a course, you can become a professional, to understand all the nuances of the business, including marketing, economics, management and finance.

MBA programs aim to ensure that graduates of business schools have been able to build a successful career in the global market, where the highly regarded presence of strategic thinking and the ability to flexibly deal with emerging business challenges.
Diving training and kaytserfigu

In Vietnam, for example, Nha Trang, you can learn to dive and get an international certificate PADI. Basic training consists of 5 theory lessons, 5 dives in a closed and 4 open water dives. The course is designed for 4-5 days

Kitesurfing - a popular sport, which, though considered to be extreme, but it is a fairly safe and accessible to everyone, regardless of age and gender.

Control the kite and glide through the water, you can learn in a few days. The training program is designed for 6-8 hours and allows you to learn, both theoretical and practical skills: students learn to control the kite on the beach, introduce them to safety, "self-salvation" and the possible situations that may arise (what to do when a kite dropped the water board or lose). The basic training continues on the water.

Upon completion of training kite-school issue international certificates.

Choosing a kite school, it is important to draw attention to the fact that it has a professional instructors and modern, serviceable equipment.

After receiving a master's degree in Vietnam, you can get a job in this country (get a job offer, you can during the study) because Vietnam needs highly skilled workers.!
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