Independent travel vo Vietnam

Independent travel vo Vietnam

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Vietnamese resort of Nha Trang is firmly established in the first thirty of the most beautiful bays in the world. Here, stunning sunrises, excellent seafood restaurant, friendly inhabitants and comfortable for a beach holiday climate. What remains to be exhausted gray offseason Russian citizen who begins to hear the sound of the surf even in the buzz of the Moscow metro?
When to go to Nha Trang?

At this Vietnamese resort there is the concept of "high" and "low" seasons. The most popular months for tourists - from March to September. In October, the rainy season begins, which lasts until December. However, experienced independent travelers prefer this time, because the prices of hotels considerably fall rains, mostly at night, and because not only do not interfere with sunbathing, but, on the contrary, bring refreshing coolness.
How to get to Nha Trang?

Only a week, but a direct flight from Moscow performs Vietnam Airlines. With the change in Hanoi can be reached from other cities in the rest of the week. If your destination is selected air travel Ho Chi Minh City, on should use the services of the local railway. Prices for tickets it is quite affordable, and the travel time is not more than 8 hours. If you buy a ticket on the night train, you can save money for one night at the hotel.

Hotels in Vietnamese resort presented in very different tastes. Here you can relax in a luxurious apartment, rooms in which the price surpasses $ 300-400. At the same time unassuming traveler chooses for himself a simpler hotel, which will find and cleanliness, and comfort, and excellent service. Nha Trang hotel staff desire of the client - the law, but because at this resort you can relax in the full sense of the word. The most unassuming and did book the bungalows on the beach and enjoy the sound of the sea and privacy in the style of "bounty".
Argue about taste

Kitchen Southeast Asia is particularly exotic. Simply put, here cooked and eaten everything. Before you try something, it is advisable to ask about the products that became the basis of food, then to not have trouble with the stomach or worse, an allergic reaction. In the hotel restaurant there is no danger of getting food poisoning, but the city is better to avoid ice in drinks. Buy food from street vendors should be very careful and if possible try to evaluate the appearance cook and clean his equipment. In such places, it is best to buy only thermally processed foods.!
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Re: Independent travel vo Vietnam

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What to Vietnam

If you are going to visit Vietnam, it is necessary to prepare for the trip in advance. The climate of this country is very different from the Russian. Weather conditions in different parts of Vietnam are heterogeneous. Before you lay a suitcase determine which region of the country you go to.
What to bring to Vietnam, if there is humid and hot? Quickly adapt to the unique climate will help clothing made from natural and light fabrics. The choice of things also depends on the time of year. For example, in Da Nang from February to early summer rains are absent. If you want to visit Hanoi, it is better to do it in April or May, when the sunny weather. In this version you can restrict the summer things. Synthetic clothing Vietnam is not worth taking. In it you will feel uncomfortable. Things artificial tissues often cause skin irritation if they are in hot weather. The best option for tourists: shorts or light cotton pants and T-shirt.
Do not take a shirt without sleeves to prevent sunburn in the shoulder area. In Vietnam, you'll need a hat if you do not want to get sunstroke. The most convenient way to wear wide-brimmed hat that covers the face, neck and back. Indispensable accessory locals are sunglasses, because without them the eyes tire quickly from intense sunlight. If you plan to travel during the period from April to late October, limit summer things. At other times, they can add some warm clothes.
What shoes to wear while relaxing in Vietnam:

of thick textile, which is breathable and ensures good ventilation;
comfort and ease - an important requirement for tourist footwear;
flat sole is obligatory;
it is desirable to take shoes with orthopedic insoles;
collecting bag, put back shoes for walking and for the beach.

What to bring to Vietnam for a child

In the road take it with games and activities that will help distract the child during the trip. You can prepare some handheld games, album and pencils. As for children's clothes, then do not need to carry a lot of things. Better to buy new clothes in place. In Vietnam, you can buy a beautiful children's clothing at low prices. If the child is still small, it is not necessary to bring a stroller. There is you do not need. Sidewalks are almost nonexistent in Vietnam, and the locals prefer to travel by bike. Tourists travel on roadsides near traffic. Therefore, the baby is better placed in special perenosku- backpack. It is designed for children from 4 months to 3 years.

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Features Vietnam

Vietnam - one of the most attractive countries in South-East Asia. Not surprisingly, the particular life of the local people are unique. What national features of Vietnam tourists should know?
The nuances of behavior Vietnamese

Residents of Vietnam used to behave in a friendly, sociable and can talk very loudly than remind Moroccans. At the same time, people have a simple character, so contact is extremely simple.

Vietnamese in southern attend masks on their faces. The fact that local residents are afraid of contracting any disease, trying to protect themselves to the maximum.

Unfortunately, the Vietnamese do not realize what is actually a queue. For this reason, they are ready to get ahead of others, even if they are much longer. Such actions are caused by the habit of survival and the ability to act as quickly as possible.

Prepare to be that the Vietnamese can listen and even nodding his head, but did not really understand you. In this regard, the need to translate into Vietnamese the right thing to say. All of the above features of mentality is manifested in the behavior of local residents.
Nuances of cleanliness and hygiene

Cleaning of all hotels is bad. In most cases, only made clean hair and small debris on the floor. Try to always wear slippers.
Each of the hotel complex there is a risk to meet with ants. In addition to these insects nobody seeks to combat. In addition, in the streets of the rats also did not fight.
Dirty water is drained into the street, so there is an unpleasant smell.
In many cities in Vietnam pavement different shakiness. You should try to tread only on those tiles that are stable, because such an approach would protect themselves maximal way.
Ice for the beverage made stabbing at the asphalt, so squeamish people should abandon the addition of ice. However, without the addition of ice drinks cost about twice as expensive.
On the sidewalk made dry noodles, cabbage leaves.

If you are not a big supporter of cleanliness and do not suffer extreme disgust, we can safely go to Vietnam and to know this extraordinary country with a truly rich culture.!
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Traditions Vietnam

More and more Russian tourists are choosing a vacation destination distant exotic countries, and Vietnam - is no exception. Southeast Asia - a great area for a beach holiday, and familiarity with the traditions of Vietnam allow to learn many interesting things about the life and customs of its inhabitants.
Early birds

In Southeast Asia, made up early, and Vietnamese strictly follow this tradition. By six o'clock in the morning the city filled with the noise of motorcycles, shouting merchants, and smells of street food. On the mobile stalls to buy a portion of fried noodles and skewers of chicken hearts, and those who prefer to get acquainted with the Vietnamese cuisine in full, the markets certainly offer delicious ant eggs, fried scorpions and frogs, baked in banana leaves. Do not forget that to the untrained Europeans exotic food menu could cause a not too pleasant consequences. Should beware of ice in drinks because it is cooked is not the most sanitary conditions.
Moped - is not a luxury

Small and nimble Vietnamese prefer all means of transportation moped, but because the main road users are fussy like ants. Traffic lights are equipped with only the most important urban intersections, the rest is rampant chaos and confusion. Traditions include Vietnam, however, mutual courtesy on the roads, so it is important to be careful and considerate. Pedestrians are always neatly will tour and each other will give way to travel with a smile and a nod unchanged.
Without moving a moped residents buy essential goods and products on the market and to explore the surrounding attractions, many tourists also prefer to rent a moped. It's cheaper and problems with parking and travel through the narrow streets do not arise.
Useful things

Superstitious Vietnamese tend not to say aloud the name of its own, so as not to jinx himself. They have adopted the nickname, but because in communicating with the locals, it is important to try not to call them by name.
Being Buddhists, the Vietnamese will not offer assistance to anyone without asking about. So if you need advice or help, contact the other party without hints.
Trade in the market - the old tradition of Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia. So you can buy your favorite thing much cheaper than the stated price. Trading is quiet and behave with dignity. Raising voices do not speed up the process and will not help.!
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Ho Chi Minh City Streets

Ho Chi Minh City - the largest city in Vietnam, named after the famous leader Ho Chi Minh. Previously, the city was called Saigon. The most popular streets of Ho Chi Minh City are in the center. The streets of Ho Chi Minh different constant movement and noise. In the city there are no quiet places. There are very narrow pavements, are packed with people, café tables and bikes. Walk slowly in Ho Chi Minh impossible.
Features of Ho Chi Minh City

The central part of the building is decorated in colonial style, which coexist with skyscrapers and modern buildings. The city recovered 24 districts. Some of them are denoted by numbers, while others have a name. Popular tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, and the central market located in the first district. Chinatown is located in the fifth district. On the territory of one region can move on foot.

Ho Chi Minh City is famous street Pham Ngu lao, which are all kinds of restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels and travel agencies. In the evenings, it is very crowded, as all functioning institutions. On this street there are good shops, spas, trays of fresh fruit. From here to the city's main attractions can be reached in 10 minutes.

Equally popular are the street Bui Vien, parallel to the Pham Ngu lao. It also offers a large number of tourist attractions.
The most beautiful places

Architecture of Ho Chi Minh is a multinational. It mixed the traditions of Western and Chinese culture. The city is home to the Vietnamese and ethnic Chinese. In the last century formed in Ho Chi Minh City's Chinatown, which is the largest urban area in Indochina. Today it is a huge quarter, called Cholon. It occupies the western part of the Ho Chi Minh City. Most of the trading is carried out in the country through this quarter.

In Ho Chi Minh City, you can see the beautiful pagodas and temples. Widely known is the Cathedral of Notre Dame and Notre Dame de Saigon, located in the Paris area. In the same place there is a colonial building of the city post office.

The commercial center of Dong Khoi Street is. There are brand shops, popular restaurants and cafes. Famous shopping streets are Thong Nguyen, Nguyen Thien Thuat and others. Good wine merchants offer Nguyen Trong Street, and drugs from representatives of Chinese medicine is on the street Hai Thuong Lan Ong. The famous antique street of Le Cong Kieu is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, near the Ben Thanh Market.!
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Areas of Danang

Are you interested in areas of Da Nang? Look at the map - consulting it, you will find that Danang is administratively divided into 6 districts and 2 counties (Hoang Sa, Hoavang).
Name and description of the area

Hai Chau: guests will be able to explore the city hall, as well as to visit the theater (you will see a representation, which is based on traditional folk stories - it is accompanied by the sound of folk music) and the market (here flock to the acquisition seafood, clothing, fruit, accessories and other products, please note that for tourists sellers inflate prices).
Ngu Hanh Son: interesting complex of 5 mountain ranges (each has a name corresponding to the 5 elements - metal, water, fire, earth, wood). Find local guides can be close to the mountains, and it is better to take advantage of their services on the organization of excursions, as in dark caves and grottoes you can get lost in recovering their own way. Tip: at the foot of the mountains is recommended to get the works of local stone carvers (statuettes of eagles Ilhwa, trinkets, figurines 3 elders, symbolizing prosperity, happiness and longevity).
Son Tra: popular for its nature reserve, which grows no less than 300 different plants and inhabited by monkeys, as well as conditions for swimming and fishing. As for excursions, then there is a viewing pagoda LinhUng (famous for its 67-meter statue of the Buddha Women).

Da Nang Attractions

On vacation is recommended to visit the water park "Danang Water Park" (an area of ​​10 hectares has a variety of water slides, pools, including wave, a restaurant, a garden for strolling, a stage on which artists and bands entertain the guests with their talents), museums Danang ( The exhibition includes 2500 exhibits; some shows will be able to see scenes from the life of the peoples of Central Vietnam; entrance - free) and Cham (12 halls of the exposition of ancient artifacts - so guests will be invited to get acquainted with samples of exquisite stone carvings and pottery 7 15th centuries, the cost of adult admission ticket - 30,000 VND). Special mention deserves Beach China Beach - here you can sunbathe on the white sand or surfing (the best time for this lesson - September-December).
Where to stay tourists

It is worth noting that the city has both hotels and private pensions.

If you are tempted Beach Area, it is advisable to you to settle in the area of ​​Beach China Beach - mostly found refuge here are the best and expensive hotels, while budget travelers will be plenty to choose from.

Tourists can be advised to stay in one of the hotels in Son Tra (they will be waiting for a quiet holiday, beautiful nature, the perfect background for photos), for example, in "Son Tra Resort & Spa" (the way to the airport takes only 20 minutes).!
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