The cost of living in Singapore

The cost of living in Singapore

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The cost of living in Singapore

Rest in the country for many tourists from Russia is in the category of exotic and inaccessible. Many are concerned about the issue, whether the high cost of living in Singapore, will cost how many week-long tour, whether there are interesting places to visit?

Representatives of tourist agencies claim that the rest of Singapore can be very expensive and, on the contrary, the price would be acceptable, given that the flight here a long, tedious and expensive.
My dear capital ...

In this country, as well as throughout the world, the most expensive and luxurious hotels are located, firstly, the capital, and secondly, in places where the main attractions are concentrated. In Singapore, these hotels can be found near the main street of Orchard Road and Marina Bay, accommodation in a single room will cost a tidy sum (about $ 200. Per day in a 5 * hotel, $ 150. - In a 4 * hotel).

Interesting place to stay visitors to Singapore can be found at the theme park or entertainment complex. In addition to actually comfortable accommodation, they offer a whole range of entertainment. Relax and enjoy the peace are unlikely to succeed, but it will be fun and a room at the 3 * You can find the price to $ 100.
Home - Business

Given that the capital plays a major role in the economy, business tourism occupies an important part of the leisure industry. Business hotels are arranged in such a way that allows guests to completely safely continue their work, meet with partners, to negotiate, to solve production issues.
Housing is cheaper, comfort - at the height of

Singapore - a city that is built almost in the eyes of local residents and visitors from abroad. Therefore, every year there are new hotels, some of them can be attributed to the middle class.

Not all of them have their own face, bright architectural solution, but every kind of hotel has been serving as "excellent", taking every day and seeing hundreds of travelers arriving for business or entertainment purposes. The cost of such hotels, roughly - from 50 to $ 70 per day (accommodation in a single room * 2), from 50 to 100 dollars (3 *).
Budget accommodation

Lowest cost hotels (from $ 15. Per day per person in five-bed room) are located on the outskirts of the capital, in areas far from the historical and cultural center. However, they are quite comfortable and safe.

Seasoned travelers claim that, if necessary, the most severe economy of available funds, it is quite possible to spend the night at the famous Singapore "red light district". If we exclude the specific entertainment, popular in the area, everything else is quite decently, and the cost of living in the hostel will not exceed $ 10. Per person.

Here you can see the beautiful architecture, cuisine from different countries, close to the airport and train station, with easy to continue to travel around the country.!
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