Immigration to Singapore

Immigration to Singapore

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Immigration to Singapore

Immigration to Singapore attracts many foreigners, as the country is famous for not only the mild climate and beautiful nature, but also a high level of economic and social development. There are several ways to move to live in this state, the most attractive of which is:

Professional immigration to Singapore;
business immigration;
investing in the economy;
married to a citizen of Singapore.

The Work

Immigration to Singapore for further employment - one of the most common ways to move to the country. Article 2 of the Law on employment of foreign personnel in Singapore says that in order to enter the state, you need to provide a letter from the employer, who is interested in your services, and obtain a work permit. Permission is tied to a specific employer and gives the right to enter Singapore. Already after 6-12 months of residence in the country you will be able to apply for a residence permit.

Immigration to Singapore in order to obtain a residence permit is possible and by investing in the economy of the state. However, this type of migration is not particularly popular, as is available only for the wealthy. The amount of investment that you have to invest - about several million Singapore dollars. The decision on your immigration adopted state Immigration and Control Department. In this case, the candidate is given the opportunity to be included in the list of persons who enter with him into the country, and even close relatives - spouses, minor children under the age of 21 years if they are not married. It is important to know that the boys who get a residence permit here in 16 years will be called upon to serve his military service in Singapore. Also, the investor may be included in the application and the parents, but it will increase the required amount of money. If you want to carry their children with them over 21 years, then each of them will have to file separate applications. The entire amount of the investment is located in the bank, and you can only withdraw interest income. The principal amount is blocked for 5 years.

Immigration to Singapore by registering here own company - another way, which is often chosen by Russians. Based on the registration documents the applicant may issue a work permit and enter the territory of the state. After 12 months, you can begin to make out a residence permit. Note that to set up a business in Singapore can be any person or group of persons by drawing up the memorandum of association and to make the share capital. After that, the founder (or founders) must submit to the state authorities the following documents:

Memorandum of Association;
information on shareholders, directors, employees, etc .;
declaration of conformity with the law of business;
copy of passports of directors and shareholders of the new company;
a copy of the certificate of registration and other corporate documents of legal entities - founders of the business (if any);
address and opening hours of the newly registered office;
signed consent to act as director and statement of no barriers to entry into the position of director;
signed consent to act as secretary.

All of the above documents are sent to the Registrar. The minimum number of shareholders created by foreigners in Singapore companies - one. In this case, non-resident shareholders may be both physical and legal entity. The requirements for minimum authorized paid up capital is extremely loyal - a company in Singapore can be registered if you pay 1 Singapore dollar or any other currency.
Immigration to Singapore for the purpose of marriage

Immigrate to Singapore can marry a local resident. However, it does not allow you to automatically receive the status of a resident of the country. You can only apply for a residence permit, and only after 2 years of marriage and stay in the country you are eligible to apply for permanent residence.!
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