Independent travel to Singapore

Independent travel to Singapore

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Despite the fact that Singapore is on the sea, beach vacation here - not a good idea. Clean water in Singapore is not found even in a dedicated place for swimming, but because vacation this far corner of the world is carried out by those who prefer exotic, mixed with modern achievements of mankind.
When to go to Singapore?

Temperature readings at 30 degrees are typical in Singapore for any time of year. The climate here is tropical monsoon exposed to, but because the rains occur regardless of the season. Especially the "wet" winter months are when squally showers can paralyze a few minutes of work, even ground transportation.
How to get to Singapore?

Direct flights from the capital of Russia takes about 10 hours, and the time to connect flight depends on the location of the transit airport. Great prices and service traditionally offer airline Emirates and Qatar, for special offers independent travelers who stands watch in advance and regularly.

In a city that is considered one of the main economic miracles of modern times, even hotels with little stars on the facade offers decent comfort and service. Hotels in Singapore, usually located in the city and do not have a location nearby. The procedure depends on the price and the name of the stars, but find quite pleasant on actual cost, if you start to monitor prices in advance. Most can play a role and location of the hotel, and therefore should determine what attractions priority for inspection.
Argue about taste

Restaurants in Singapore, as well as hotels - a sample of service and high service culture. Here you can find any cuisine and taste the most exotic dishes. Oddly enough, but the restaurants in Singapore - a great opportunity to try Peking duck, which, according to seasoned gourmets in no way inferior to that served in her homeland. Tipping is usually included in the bill, and therefore do not have to think how to thank the waiter.
Cognitive and fascinating

Foremost among Singaporean entertainment invariably park Universal Studios on Sentosa Island, where even adults for a few hours become children. Fans of flora are recommended to visit the futuristic exotic gardens, where there are over 200 thousand various plants.!
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Re: Independent travel to Singapore

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Where to rest in Singapore

Exotic Singapore has always attracted tourists, but very popular tourist destination not. They come here for the revived numerous legends and miracles, dizzying mix of religions and cultures. But where better to relax in Singapore?

Should not be limited only to swim by the city for their holidays. You should definitely take a walk in Chinatown - Chinatown. Here you can admire the numerous temples, decorative terraces. In addition, in Chinatown you can spend great time walking around the shops. In this area you can find not only the modern shopping centers, and small shops are decorated in the old style. Magnificent jade ware, porcelain knickknacks, waxed umbrellas and many other little things you offer helpful salespeople. And then, on a cold winter evening, these lovely exotic souvenirs will be a reminder of a fabulous holiday Singapore.
Muslim Quarter and Little India

Indulge in the pleasure. This place is a "textile" center of Singapore. Here you can buy sarongs, absolutely incredible in quality silk and, of course, Indonesian batik. Not far from the wonders of the Muslim Quarter, you can find countless trays traders traditional Indian food. This Little India, a beautiful part of Singapore.
Sentosa Island

Where better to go for a vacation in Singapore fans bask in the sun? Of course, on the island of Sentosa. Here are located the magnificent beaches surrounded by green parks. At week day is not too much people, so the noise and bustle will not interfere.

But in Singapore, it is possible to swim and sunbathe without leaving the city. The city has many water parks, offers visitors a huge swimming pool filled with sea water. Park Adventure CoveWaterpark stepped even further, settled in his pool of these fish and corals. Therefore, visitors, plunging to the bottom, get in almost real underwater world of the ocean.
Orchard Road and Jurong Town

This area - a godsend for those who simply can not imagine your vacation without visiting restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There are going if not all night party-goers of the city, is just the most part. The most chic shopping centers are waiting for their visitors. Therefore Shoppers should definitely visit the area.

Walking along Jurong Town certainly ended with a visit Villa Howe Par. This is a great park, where you can observe the life of animals. Also, do not indulge in other pleasures: a walk on Avian Bird Park Jurong, as well as a visit to the Singapore Discovery Center.!
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Re: Independent travel to Singapore

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Season in Singapore

The city-state in Southeast Asia, Singapore stands out from its neighbors by a combination of special exotic and modern technologies, and its tourist attraction is also in the fact that here you can arrive at any time. Located in the zone of equatorial climate city is practically subject to sharp weather changes, and because the season in Singapore lasts 365 days a year.
About the weather and nature

Singapore equatorial location determines its climatic features. There is always smooth weather, the main feature of which - the high temperature values. Averages of July and January, for example, do not differ significantly, accounting for 28 and + 26 degrees, respectively. Maximum thermometer can reach the height of the spring season in Singapore and demonstrate in March 36 degrees, but such extreme situations are rare.
The water temperature on the beaches in the area of Singapore Sentosa Island is different so stable from month to month. In winter, its value does not exceed 27 degrees in the summer and can reach 30. Precipitation in the country falls evenly throughout the year, and their level slightly higher than the average in the period from November to the end of January.
Christmas season

The calendar of Singapore, there are many holidays during which the number of tourists on the streets is greatly increased. The country peacefully coexist representatives of four religions, each of which provides its own customs and rituals. One of the most interesting reasons to fly to Singapore in February - participation in the celebration of Chinese New Year. The date of the occurrence of each year are different, and in 2015 it will come February 19th. For those who celebrate this day, the streets of Singapore are the main arena for festive and colorful processions. See thousands of soaring into the sky Chinese lanterns and taste the best oriental dishes during the celebration of the Chinese New Year - a great way to break out of the February Russian weather.
Christmas season in Singapore - this celebration of traditional Christian Christmas, which is considered an important day for themselves 15% of local residents and thousands of tourists arriving. These days the city is decorated with Christmas lights, Santa Claus Army invites to make memorable photos, and prices for sales at local shopping malls melt as fast as ice in a bucket with champagne at a gala dinner at local restaurants.!
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Re: Independent travel to Singapore

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Traditions Singapore

Chinese opera and cleanliness on the streets, spicy soup of coconut and dialect "singlish" rigorous system of penalties and lulling chants Indian quarters, modern skyscrapers and incense massage parlors of the old town - the traditions of Singapore are so diverse that even a long holiday in the city, the country will allow just a little look into his oriental mystery.
"The laws easier to comply"

It adheres to the motto of the overwhelming majority of residents of Singapore. Guests of the country understand that you need to honor the traditions of Singapore, at the airport where the strict customs officers may ask whether in the luggage of a foreign tourist ... chewing gum. During its transportation to the country of bananas and lemons travelers face substantial fines, but the bridge and sidewalks in this paradise looks perfectly clean.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner traditions of Singapore and its laws prescribe in strictly designated areas, and here you will not meet a man, chewing something on the go or in public transport. Smoking "anywhere" is also punished ruble - or rather, a large fine, and therefore wishing to smoke must find a special box with an ashtray.
Useful things

Import of printed or video containing scenes of a sexual nature, traditions and laws of Singapore, is strictly forbidden. Violation of this rule shall be punished criminally.
In restaurants you can always ask the European instruments, if the food sticks inconvenience.
Beachwear is acceptable only in the recreation areas, but the restaurant is best to wear a business suit and tie, and ladies - dress.
At the entrance to the church or even a house Singaporean relies remove your shoes. Invitation to visit should take with gratitude and before to visit, it is important to take care of gifts for the lady of the house and children.
In the tradition of Singapore - hospitality and friendliness. Residents of the country are willing to help find a point of interest, will point the way, prompt, what transport more efficient use of all tourist.

Congratulations on the birth of Buddha

One of the most beautiful holiday celebrated Singaporeans - the birth of the Buddha. On this day, do not operate official agencies and residents arrange colorful festival dedicated to the birth of his spiritual master.
Wesak, as they call this festival traditionally begins on the full moon, and usually falls in May or April. Going on tour at this time, the traveler gets a great chance to get acquainted with the festive and holiday traditions of Singapore.!
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Re: Independent travel to Singapore

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Alone in Singapore

This city-state like fell on the astonished Earthlings straight from the future - it is so futuristic landscape. Singapore is known for amazing clarity and excellent opportunities for entertainment and recreation. This fly tourists after watching plenty of conventional overseas attractions. Alone in Singapore prefer to fly and businessmen to take part in numerous exhibitions of achievements of competitors and business partners.
Entry formalities

If Russian tourists planning to visit the Lion City as part of a long transit aviastykovki, then he is allowed to spend 96 hours in Singapore visa-free. For four days it is quite possible to get acquainted with the modern city and its main attractions. The only condition stopover - availability of tickets to the country where the traveler goes alone after visiting Singapore.
In the event that plans stay in the country exceeds 96 hours, it will have to acquire a visa, which can be conveniently obtained from the embassies accredited to the country's companies. Validity of passport should be at least six months at the time of filing.
Singapore has strict rules on the import of certain goods. For example, chewing gum is prohibited in the country in the fight for the purity and therefore found in a suitcase, even a pack of smuggled goods is able to result in a substantial fine. Cigarettes can be imported, but for each packet will have to pay a fee.
Dollars and spending

The country's currency - the Singapore dollar, the exchange rate in hotels, banks and airports a little different. Credit cards charge everywhere, ATMs and can be easily found at every turn.

Alone in Singapore will have to book and hotels that are not too cheap, but definitely comfortable and convenient. Best budget accommodation will cost $ 40-50 for two people per day, and the rooms in expensive will cost from $ 100 and above.
Dine at the food court in the mall can be just $ 05.07, dinner at the restaurant for two with wine will cost $ 30-40.
A ride in a taxi to another area of ​​the city - about $ 10 a ticket on the subway - $ 0.5, and for entrance fees to museums and amusement parks will have to pay from $ 2 to $ 80 (all prices are in US $ in August 2015)

Valuable observations

Absolutely free yourself in Singapore, you can enjoy the beaches on Sentosa Island, a visit to Tiger Balm Garden and walks in the botanical garden of the country. A sightseeing tour in an open bus - a good and inexpensive way to explore the city. Coming liked to stop and take a walk, sit comfortably back on the next bus and continue the journey.!
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Re: Independent travel to Singapore

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Areas of Singapore

Areas of Singapore - that's five districts shown on the map of the city-state and dividing into different areas.
Name and description of the major areas of Singapore

Center: The main attractions of the area - the building Empress Place Building (Victorian style, offers restaurants, museums and art galleries), the building of the Supreme Court (worth to take a photo on the background of Corinthian columns, go inside as part of a tour group, to visit exhibitions, working in this building ), the Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator (British colonial style), the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd (famous for the two bodies and is the repository of the relics of St. Lawrence Amber) Market Lau Pa (gourmets will be delighted to work around the clock market, where you can get local food and delicacies), Singapore Museum of Art (tour of the 12 exhibition halls allow you to see not less than 4,000 works of art, immediately invited guests to visit the temporary exhibitions, where exhibits of private collections owned by foreign museums).
Orchard Road: please tourists not only first-class hotels and shopping centers, but also the Botanical Garden (go to Swan Lake, Garden Ginger and Palm Valley to assist guests groomed alleys), and being there a National Park Orchid (60,000 species of orchids grow).
Arab region: popular for its mosque Masjid Sultan (its decoration is a golden dome), the former palace Istana Kampong Glam (for the young aristocrat was created club sports, which exists to this day), shops of fabrics and carpets, old Market Geylang Serai ( a shop where will be able to eat rice, fried fish, spicy beef and other food, which is served on banana leaves and pavilions to sell there spices, textiles and other goods).
Jurong: famous for the Museum of fish and bird park (a shelter 9,000 birds - they live in the halls, recreating the natural area and fly over the heads of visitors, deserves special attention pavilion with an artificial waterfall, and even visitors are entertained by the show, which involved birds, offer them a ride on the monorail tram).

Where to stay tourists

Inexpensive accommodation facilities in Singapore quite a bit: the price of Hotel rooms diminish with distance from the city center (it is recommended to stay close to the transport hubs - subway stations and bus stops). Cheapest hotel sheltered area of ​​Geylang, but should be aware that this area "red light" dirty streets "night butterflies" and dubious characters.

One of the goals of your holiday in Singapore - shopping? It makes sense to stay close to the Orchard Road (minus accommodation in the area - the noise from the moving vehicle and the music coming from the high cost of shopping malls + hotels).!
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