How to fly to Moscow from Pattaya?

How to fly to Moscow from Pattaya?

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How to fly to Moscow from Pattaya?

In Pattaya, you were able to visit a massage parlor, look into Park Mini Siam, relax on the beaches of Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach, water skiing, windsurfing, go on an underwater hunt and walk on the River Kwai, and see a show with snakes on Snake Farm? Now you are interested to know how many hours you will fly to Moscow?
How to fly to Moscow from Pattaya direct flight?

Pattaya and Moscow shared the 7200 km, and then fly to the house you can for about 10 hours.

Travelers should be alert to the possibility that the Pattaya flights to Moscow cheap - they cost at least 27,800 rubles, and the price of tickets for connecting flights starting at 23,000 rubles (calculated on the purchase of such tickets can be in June, May and July).
Pattaya Flight to Moscow with change

If travelers are interested in connecting flights, the flights at Pattaya Moscow they will be able to transplant in Bangkok, Samui, Hong Kong, Phuket, Novosibirsk and other cities (such flights can take 14-24 hours). For example, if on the way to Moscow is supposed docked in Phuket ("ThaiAirways"), the length of your air travel is 14 hours, if in Hong Kong ("China Airlines") - about 18-19 hours.
Select airline

The direction you are flying planes (Airbus Industrie A 330-200, Boeing 777 and other aircraft) of the following air carriers: "Transaero"; "Aeroflot"; "Utair"; "Thai Airways"; "Korean Air".

When it comes to service charter flights in the direction of Pattaya Moscow, then responsible for them U-Tapao Airport (UTP) - the central part of the city, you can come here in 45 minutes by taxi or minibus (the organization of your transfer can enjoy tourist company or hotel) .

Airport provides the travel pharmacy, souvenir shop, duty free shops, a post office, a shop with jewelry, a small restaurant (there can be a snack before leaving), internet cafe (you will be able to access the internet from a desktop computer).
What to do in an airplane?

During quite a long flight you can sleep, read and ponder which of the closest people to please bought in Pattaya souvenirs in the form of Thai rum, incense, latex pillows (with this gift you will gladden those who suffer from snoring), belts, bags, purses made from crocodile skin, beautiful butterflies within, jewelry with pearls, local cosmetics coconut oil, Thai colorful paper fans, Buddha statues of elephants and teak.!
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