Where you can buy souvenirs, clothing and footwear at the lowest prices in Sanya and Hainan Island, China

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Where you can buy souvenirs, clothing and footwear at the lowest prices in Sanya and Hainan Island, China

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Sanya First Market for products and night market of clothing and souvenirs in Sanya, Hainan Island, China: the video tour, address on the map, bus
Friday, 23 March 2012 10:57

http://hainanwel.com/en/hainan-fairs-fe ... arket.html

The First market in the Sanya City, Hainan Island, China is one of the largest markets in the Sanya City, where you can buy fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood, as well as many special Chinese spices, condensed milk, mayonnaise, beef, pork, meat of chicken and duck, clothes, shoes, souvenirs, etc. The video at the bottom of this article shows a general view of the building of Sanya First Market and the entrance to the market. Fruit Market is located outside of the building of market, and inside the market on the first floor are located: the market of seafood, meat market, vegetable market and the market of spices. On the upper floors of this market are located the shoe market and clothing market. Market of products work from early morning until 6 pm, then starts to work the night market of clothing and souvenirs on the street near the building of market, where you can buy clothing and footwear for men, women and children, as well as many souvenirs, pearls, products of stones, shells, etc. - all the foreign tourists are surprised a big price difference at this night market of souvenirs and those prices, which they see on the so-called "factories", where they are imported by guides of travel agencies- we often met a guides of travel agencies on this night market of souvenirs, which are bought souvenirs for themselves in this market. Note, that Chinese tourists prefer to buy souvenirs at the night market near the Sanya First Market. Address of the Sanya First Market on the Chinese language is shown on the map at the top of this article- just show it to any taxi driver in the Sanya City. The nearest bus stops are: The stop of bus №2 - it is located 200 meters of the Sanya First Market and stop of bus №4 - it is located across the river (bus stops are visible at the map on the top of this article) - just show the map to the bus conductor and she will tell you- where you need to get out.

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