Fountains in Sanya City, on the Hainan Island, China

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Fountains in Sanya City, on the Hainan Island, China

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Sanya Color Musical Fountain- the video of water show on the Hainan Island, China: the address on the map
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Every year the representatives of travel agencies are represented for tourists the same attractions of the city of Sanya and the Hainan Island, because of this the very few tourists returning for a second time to rest on the Hainan Island and in Sanya City. But the Hainan Island and Sanya City are not a fixed set of attractions- the Hainan Island is place for a set of large sports competitions, exhibitions, festivals and shows, which are held regularly and are available in English and Russian languages only on the! About all these activities we try to report a timely manner, despite the complete absence of informational support of the Tourism Department of Sanya City and Tourism Department of Hainan Province. Tourists, which rested in Serenity Coast All Suit Resort, informed of representatives about the wonderful illuminated musical fountain, which is located in Sanya City, Hainan Island, China near the Serenity Coast All Suit Resort Hotel. Every day from 7:00 pm to 7:20 pm the Sanya Color Musical Fountain is open for free visits. Sanya Color Musical Fountain is a water show with colorful perfect timing, and water color effects (see the video below of this article). Sanya Color Musical Fountain creating a harmonious picture of the water with music, lighting and water movement, and the unforgettable dancing fountain, combined with bright light effects. Near the fountain is located a large children's playground. Address of the Sanya Color Musical Fountain is shown on Chinese on the map at the top of this article- just show it to any taxi driver in the city of Sanya. We remind- the self-guided tours through the will be the most inexpensive and very informative! Book hotels through the website at the lowest price and come to Hainan Island and Sanya City! Send us your pictures and videos about attractions of Hainan Island and other resorts in the world- it will be posted on our website. You can book a rooms at Serenity Coast All Suit Resort at the lowest prices on our website: ... ation.html
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